Holiday Traditions – Day 4: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Day 4, Sunday December 5, R Dub’s turn. A personalized ornament commemorating our family vacation in Yellowstone. The web site showed enough space to put all of our names on the ornament, but a friendly Customer Service rep sent a message that, in reality, there was only enough room for Beth and Ron and theContinue reading “Holiday Traditions – Day 4: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts

The final installment of my 7 part blog about our Yellowstone adventure is focused on people. For Beth and I it was our second trip to the area in as many years. We spent 3 days in the park in July 2020 and knew that there was more to see. Two of our girls liveContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 6: Then and Now – 1872 to 1956 to 2021

The photos in this blog post are a comparison to our recent visits to Yellowstone in 2021 and 2020 compared to pictures from 1956. Beth is the unofficial visual historian of the family. She salvaged hundreds of photos, film footage, audio and video tape from the family estate in early 2020 when Allen and HelenContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 6: Then and Now – 1872 to 1956 to 2021”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 5: Wildlife – Fowl

Granted when most people think of Yellowstone National Park they rarely think birds. But that didn’t stop our girls Maddy and Riane, plus Ri’s guy Mike from focusing on the plethora of fowl that they spotted while we toured with Mike from Yellowstone Wonders.

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 4: Waterfalls

There are nearly 300 waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, 60 of which are listed. You could easily set aside one or two days in the park to visit only waterfalls. However, while we do love waterfalls, we only stopped to look at the ones that were easily accessible from the main loops in the park.Continue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 4: Waterfalls”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features

Yellowstone National Park is located over the top of what is known as a supervolcano. To be classified as a supervolcano there must have been an eruption of at least an 8 magnitude. The last time that Yellowstone erupted was 70,000 years ago. During a Yellowstone eruption 12 million years ago, the ash was soContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 2: Wildlife – Mammals

Outside of the thermal structures, most specifically the Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone is known for it’s bear population. We’ve all seen vintage pictures of traffic backed up for a mile or so because a bear sow and her cubs are on the highway harassing cars in hopes of getting a tasty snack tossed their way.Continue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 2: Wildlife – Mammals”