The Show(skiing) Did Go On! A Season In Review

The 2021 water ski competition season is over. The exhibition season is over as well. The final show was the Sunday prior to Labor Day. After that? Three fun days per week until the sun sets too early to make it worth while to move all of the equipment and boats to the lake. UsuallyContinue reading “The Show(skiing) Did Go On! A Season In Review”

Show Skiing – A Rare View From The Boat

The 2021 Beaverland Mustski show ski season is winding down. College aged kids have mostly headed back to school leaving the younger kids and old veterans left to entertain the home crowd two more times before we hang up the skis and tow ropes until spring of 2022. The 2021 theme; “Raiders of the LostContinue reading “Show Skiing – A Rare View From The Boat”