Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts

The final installment of my 7 part blog about our Yellowstone adventure is focused on people. For Beth and I it was our second trip to the area in as many years. We spent 3 days in the park in July 2020 and knew that there was more to see. Two of our girls liveContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features

Yellowstone National Park is located over the top of what is known as a supervolcano. To be classified as a supervolcano there must have been an eruption of at least an 8 magnitude. The last time that Yellowstone erupted was 70,000 years ago. During a Yellowstone eruption 12 million years ago, the ash was soContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 2: Wildlife – Mammals

Outside of the thermal structures, most specifically the Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone is known for it’s bear population. We’ve all seen vintage pictures of traffic backed up for a mile or so because a bear sow and her cubs are on the highway harassing cars in hopes of getting a tasty snack tossed their way.Continue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 2: Wildlife – Mammals”