Gardening – Training An Old Vine a New Trick

A few blogs ago we wondered if the cucumbers would outgrow the 9′ trellis we set up. The answer was yes. We also wondered if they would continue to grow up on the roof. Well…we were not going to wait for that inevitability, action needed to take place. One suggestion by a subordinate at workContinue reading “Gardening – Training An Old Vine a New Trick”

Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens

Operation Green Thumb continues with trellising our plants. The vining plants in beds A and B like beans, peas, zucchini and cucumbers are trellised with the first pictures shown. The extension is an R Dub original. The jury is still out… wish us luck. Tomatoes in bed C are trellised with a structure made ofContinue reading “Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens”