Travel – The Big Apple: A 5 Day Bite

Admittedly, there was some apprehension about this trip to New York City. We planned to stay midtown just 2 blocks off Times Square. News stories of violence in the subway, crime on the streets and pandemic related business closures made us uncertain what to expect during our 5 day, 6 night stay in the BigContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: A 5 Day Bite”

Travel – Olympic Mountain Peninsula Washington: 4 Distinctly Different Regions…only 1 Day to get them all in!

Best laid plans. Our intentions for the trip? Spend a large amount of time in the mountains hiking was part of our planning session. How do we plan? We plan by including all things we can see and do, prioritize them by must see, to would like to see, to no strong desire to see.Continue reading “Travel – Olympic Mountain Peninsula Washington: 4 Distinctly Different Regions…only 1 Day to get them all in!”

Travel – Planes (Plains) Trains and Automobiles

Part one of a multi edition travel series. We like to travel, we like to travel together. Conversation never lulls and we tend to have similar likes. Bonus: our birthdays are a little over a week apart so we try to plan our travel around that time of year. A gift to each other. AContinue reading “Travel – Planes (Plains) Trains and Automobiles”

Travel – SF and the NAPA Valley: Bay Area Adventure

R Dub recently tagged along with Beth on a continuing education trip to the Bay Area of California. Pre-COVID19 travel restrictions we frequently took advantage of these continuing ed opportunities. Austin TX in February 2018, San Diego CA in June 2018, and Orlando FL in February 2019 was the last education trip prior to thisContinue reading “Travel – SF and the NAPA Valley: Bay Area Adventure”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts

The final installment of my 7 part blog about our Yellowstone adventure is focused on people. For Beth and I it was our second trip to the area in as many years. We spent 3 days in the park in July 2020 and knew that there was more to see. Two of our girls liveContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure: Final Thoughts”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 5: Wildlife – Fowl

Granted when most people think of Yellowstone National Park they rarely think birds. But that didn’t stop our girls Maddy and Riane, plus Ri’s guy Mike from focusing on the plethora of fowl that they spotted while we toured with Mike from Yellowstone Wonders.

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 4: Waterfalls

There are nearly 300 waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, 60 of which are listed. You could easily set aside one or two days in the park to visit only waterfalls. However, while we do love waterfalls, we only stopped to look at the ones that were easily accessible from the main loops in the park.Continue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 4: Waterfalls”

Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features

Yellowstone National Park is located over the top of what is known as a supervolcano. To be classified as a supervolcano there must have been an eruption of at least an 8 magnitude. The last time that Yellowstone erupted was 70,000 years ago. During a Yellowstone eruption 12 million years ago, the ash was soContinue reading “Travel – Yellowstone Adventure Part 3: Thermal Features”