Cooking – Garden To Table: Tomato Pepper Cucumber Salad

A friend of ours stopped by last night to review our investment and financial health. Once we made a few important decisions concerning investment commitments the subject turned to our garden. We were all hungry and thirsty. R Dub uncorked a bottle of Bordeaux wine and we whipped up a nice fresh produce salad. TheContinue reading “Cooking – Garden To Table: Tomato Pepper Cucumber Salad”

Gardening – Determinate or Indeterminate: That Is The Question

Have you ever fallen victim to mistaken identity? Moreover have you ever been guilty of mistaken identity? Not so sadly, R Dub is guilty of misidentifying our San Marzano tomatoes. In an earlier post our San Marzano were listed as Determinate, while the Steak Sandwich Hybrid tomatoes were correctly identified as Indeterminate. At this pointContinue reading “Gardening – Determinate or Indeterminate: That Is The Question”

Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe

We live in Planting Zone 5. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the last frost of the winter/spring should be around May 5 and the first frost of fall/winter should be around October 1. We have an outdoor growing season of 148 days. 148 days. A little over 40% of the year can be devotedContinue reading “Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe”