Gardening – What Ate Our Sweetcorn!

Part the daily regimen during our 2021 year of Operation Green Thumb is checking on the status of the garden when arriving home each day. Luckily pests have not been a huge issue. We’ve not lost any crops due to a pest all season…until Thursday 9/23/21… Oh sure, we’ve had a few leaves nibbled onContinue reading “Gardening – What Ate Our Sweetcorn!”

Gardening – Container Sweet Corn: Impossible? Think Again

R Dub grew up on a one acre property in the middle of a small town community. Mom and dad utilized roughly 1/4 of the property for gardening for many of the 18 years that I lived with them. There were many ‘favorite’ crops in that garden. Radishes, peas, carrots, kohlrabi were among my favoritesContinue reading “Gardening – Container Sweet Corn: Impossible? Think Again”