Gardening – July and August Succession Plants: How Ya Now?

Succession and fall harvest plants are slowly taking the place of summer harvested plants, and a few additions that prefer cooler weather than hot weather. The corn pictured above were planted in early July and should be ready to harvest in November. Tassels just emerged in the last few days. At that time we movedContinue reading “Gardening – July and August Succession Plants: How Ya Now?”

Gardening: Cut and Come Again and Cut…

The beauty of planting leafy produce is enjoying several regeneration harvests. Our basil produces tasty herb all year long. Almost as dependable for multiple harvests from one planting is lettuce. In previous blog posts we talked about several early crops that were being harvested first. Radishes were first in and first out and first resownContinue reading “Gardening: Cut and Come Again and Cut…”