Stupid Human Tricks: Or Why Women Outlive Men

These men are working far over the 6′ general industry OSHA standard and 9′ OSHA construction industry standard for heights without fall protection. This is a Beaver Dam, WI Credit Union. At risk are not only the people on the roof, but people in the drive-through of this credit union. Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

Safety – All In The Family: One Death Is Tragic, Three More Is Unthinkable

Those of us who grew up in agricultural areas or have been in the safety business know this story all too well. The names change, but the scenarios rarely deviate much… Here’s a real life scenario. You are working with a small group of two to four people and one person must go into aContinue reading “Safety – All In The Family: One Death Is Tragic, Three More Is Unthinkable”

False Sense of Security

Some grim news came out of the small town of Anamosa, Iowa on Tuesday. This community is home to a century old state run penitentiary. While being treated in the infirmary, an inmate attacked multiple staff members and inmates. The inmate was eventually controlled, but not until injuring many and killing two, a nurse andContinue reading “False Sense of Security”