Gardening – Putting the Garden Beds to Rest

2021 was our first attempt at gardening. We were hardly the lone rangers on this front. The pandemic brought grocery shortages. Many people started gardening during the pandemic. For some is was just in case, for us it was also because society encouraged people to stay at home more. Restaurants were mostly closed, store shelvesContinue reading “Gardening – Putting the Garden Beds to Rest”

Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!

Operation Green Thumb advanced to our first seeds sewn. One row to Cherry Belle Radishes planted in what we have labeled as Bed “C”. Radishes are a cold weather veggie that will grow to maturity in as little as 21 days. They tend to be a reliable germinating plant too. We should pretty much haveContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!”