Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes

Operation Green Thumb sees it’s first significant harvest. Radishes were the first seeds sown in any bed, they were the first to germinate in the beds and now they are the first to be harvested. Soon we will be able to cut lettuce and spinach. In a month or so, pull some yummy 4″ sweetContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes”

Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes

Sunday we put in most all of the seeds and seedlings that will go into beds. Monday the area got its first significant rain in weeks. Rain is usually a good thing, but last night it was a down pour around 6:00 pm. It dropped .4″ in about 30 minutes. We worried that our newContinue reading “Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes”

Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!

Operation Green Thumb advanced to our first seeds sewn. One row to Cherry Belle Radishes planted in what we have labeled as Bed “C”. Radishes are a cold weather veggie that will grow to maturity in as little as 21 days. They tend to be a reliable germinating plant too. We should pretty much haveContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!”