Gardening – No Potato Before It’s Time

Two weeks ago we posted a blog and YouTube video featuring the first harvest of our potato buckets. 100 days ago we began to grow potatoes in containers. Yukon Gold and French Fingerling. We chose these varieties because they are different. We can buy organic russets frequently and occasionally organic reds, but Yukon Gold andContinue reading “Gardening – No Potato Before It’s Time”

Gardening: This Spud’s For You

On April 26, 2021 we published a blog post called “What’s In Your Bucket” that chronicled our attempt to grow Yukon Gold potatoes and Fingerling Potatoes in buckets. The planting was actually on April 24, but it took me two days to get around to writing the blog post. Four each 5 gallon buckets andContinue reading “Gardening: This Spud’s For You”

Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling

Our bucket potatoes are beginning to green up. The Yukon Gold will be peaking up above the 5 gallon buckets soon. This weekend was time for ‘hilling’ them. One more term to add to our end of the season dictionary. Hilling is the act of piling soil up around the vines as they grow. SomeContinue reading “Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling”