Cooking – Simple Jalapeno Poppers: Garden to Plate

We’ve been teasing this Jalapeno Popper recipe for a few of weeks. Here’s the quick and easy recipe via our next door neighbor Karen. Ingredients: 8 Jalapeno Peppers 8 oz Cream Cheese 8 oz Cheddar Cheese (shredded) 1 cup Panko crumbs 1 clove garlic (pressed) 4 tablespoons butter Directions: Cut jalapeno peppers in half andContinue reading “Cooking – Simple Jalapeno Poppers: Garden to Plate”

Gardening – Garden To Table…Or Mouth

Operation Green Thumb continues. All be it a small harvest to date. It has been a tasty harvest. We have enjoyed lettuce and spinach greens, radishes, carrots, hot peppers, green and yellow beans, sweet pea pods, fingerling potatoes and cabbage. Most recently we enjoyed a Sunday lunch of fried cabbage and bacon with a sideContinue reading “Gardening – Garden To Table…Or Mouth”