Travel – The Big Apple Day 5: The Met, Central Park and Mike Birbiglia

Day 5, our final day in NYC. The day begins with a bus ride uptown to The Met. Lunch from a food truck on the steps of The Met with the pigeons, a stroll through Central Park, an evening of stand up comedy with Mike Birbiglia at the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center andContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple Day 5: The Met, Central Park and Mike Birbiglia”

Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4C – “The Music Man” & The Triple Threat

Day 4 of the NYC trip, Beth was REALLY looking forward to Thursday night. “The Music Man” at The Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. Why? Most would think it was to see Hugh Jackman…nope. It was to see her favorite triple threat, Sutton Foster. What’s a triple threat? An entertainer that is equally and amazinglyContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4C – “The Music Man” & The Triple Threat”

Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4B The 9/11 Museum

It has been my MO to insert factoids into Ron’s Rambling’s that feature destinations or events. We will depart from that MO for this post about the 9/11 museum. This post is all about my thoughts and feelings the tour evoked both during and after our visit. Each generation have moments in time that areContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4B The 9/11 Museum”

Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4A Food!

Day four, Thursday. We are past the half way point. Plenty has been seen and there is plenty more to see. We are breaking day 4 up into 3 posts; walking food tour, the 9/11 Memorial, and The Music Man. Beth was really looking forward to Thursday night’s performance of “The Music Man”. Not becauseContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4A Food!”

Travel – The Big Apple: Day 3 December Rain

Day 3. Our only rainy day starts like the first two…sleeping in. We will meet our travel partners at the Broadhurst theatre in the Broadway theatre district for the matinee performance of “A Beautiful Noise”, the Niel Diamond story. But first a bite to eat. We decide to try Junior’s Cheesecake on the corners ofContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: Day 3 December Rain”

Travel – The Big Apple: Day 2

Day two in NYC. Perhaps our most busy day started the same as day one; sleeping in followed by coffee and a bagel near our hotel. We mentioned in the first post that the food was a little disappointing during the trip. Tuesday morning’s food was the most disappointing. Our day 1 bagel was good,Continue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: Day 2”

Travel – The Big Apple: A 5 Day Bite

Admittedly, there was some apprehension about this trip to New York City. We planned to stay midtown just 2 blocks off Times Square. News stories of violence in the subway, crime on the streets and pandemic related business closures made us uncertain what to expect during our 5 day, 6 night stay in the BigContinue reading “Travel – The Big Apple: A 5 Day Bite”