Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe

We live in Planting Zone 5. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the last frost of the winter/spring should be around May 5 and the first frost of fall/winter should be around October 1. We have an outdoor growing season of 148 days. 148 days. A little over 40% of the year can be devotedContinue reading “Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe”

Gardening: Bucket Potato Sprouts

For those keeping score. There is news to report on the potatoes we planted in 5 gallon buckets. Our earlier post “What’s In Your Bucket” walked through the process from purchasing seed potatoes, chitting and planting in the buckets. According to the Cornell University College of Agriculture it should be 2 to 4 weeks beforeContinue reading “Gardening: Bucket Potato Sprouts”

Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes

Sunday we put in most all of the seeds and seedlings that will go into beds. Monday the area got its first significant rain in weeks. Rain is usually a good thing, but last night it was a down pour around 6:00 pm. It dropped .4″ in about 30 minutes. We worried that our newContinue reading “Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes”

Gardening: The Beds Are Made

Project Green Thumb was active and in full force Sunday morning and afternoon. The morning was spent mapping out what seed and seedlings are ready to go in and where would be the best location for each. We have three each 5′ by 3′ beds. Like any good newbie, we have planned for way moreContinue reading “Gardening: The Beds Are Made”

Gardening: What’s Up Doc? Carrots!

Second crop in our raised garden beds is carrots. Like the radish, carrots are also a cold weather liking plant. We are big fans of the carrot. For snacking and for cooking. The radishes we are spreading out over time because they are ready for harvest quickly and we do not typically eat them veryContinue reading “Gardening: What’s Up Doc? Carrots!”

What’s In Your Bucket?

As we plow deeper into Operation Green Thumb, the unorthodox but YouTube successful technique of growing potatoes in 5 gallon buckets is next on our list of adventures. Several weeks ago a bag of Yukon Gold and a bag of Russian Banana Fingerling seed potatoes were purchased from a local home improvement store. The seedsContinue reading “What’s In Your Bucket?”

Battle Hardened

Hardening off the seedling plants. We are learning so many new terms. I should write a blog just on all of the new words, phrases and terms we’ve learned during the process of becoming gardeners…but that’s for another day… The process of hardening prepares our indoor planted seedlings to slowly adjust to the great butContinue reading “Battle Hardened”

Reflecting Operation Green Thumb

Operation green thumb plows forward and we continue to try techniques gleaned from YouTube videos. We learn as we go. This picture shows several things. One are the three levels of shelving that hold our seedling trays and planters. Another is the presence of one grow lamp per level. This has not changed since startingContinue reading “Reflecting Operation Green Thumb”

Transparent Culture

The gardening saga continues. While relocating cabbage and cauliflower from biodegradable containers (that were disintegrating prematurely) to red solo cups we noticed that the roots of a few plants had grown through the containers and into the diffusion watering mat. It was time for all plants to be transferred to larger containers. I started withContinue reading “Transparent Culture”

Thinning Out The Herd

Becoming a gardener has surely been a work in progress. The goal is to learn as we go, or to borrow an industry acronym; OJT “On the job training.” Our latest learning opportunity? Thinning out the seedlings. Planting 2 or 3 seeds per planter is recommended when starting seeds. As uncertain newbies, we put 3Continue reading “Thinning Out The Herd”