Gardening: Cut and Come Again and Cut…

The beauty of planting leafy produce is enjoying several regeneration harvests. Our basil produces tasty herb all year long. Almost as dependable for multiple harvests from one planting is lettuce. In previous blog posts we talked about several early crops that were being harvested first. Radishes were first in and first out and first resownContinue reading “Gardening: Cut and Come Again and Cut…”

Gardening – Basil Pruning: Never Buy Basil Again

We love fresh basil. For years we would buy a potted basil plant, put it outside in the sun, water it and pluck off larger leaves for food. Every year the plant would begin to falter, then die…not this year. Here’s how to never need to buy another basil plant again… Basil is perhaps ourContinue reading “Gardening – Basil Pruning: Never Buy Basil Again”

Gardening – Summer Is Here: Now What?

Operation Green Thumb has made it to official summer. We are roughly half way through the Zone 5 growing season. So how are the gardening newbies doing? We’ve harvested radishes and planted a second round. One more new gardening term to add to our list. Succession Planting. We’ve harvested spinach and replaced them with beets.Continue reading “Gardening – Summer Is Here: Now What?”

Gardening: Harvesting Lettuce and Spinach

After a couple of weeks off, 10 days on vacation, we are back to discuss operation Green Thumb. Harvesting the 60 day plants has begun. Today: Lettuce and Spinach. Bonus. We learned two more gardening terms! “Bolting” and the “Cut and Come Again Method”. Bolting is a term describing the flowers that form at theContinue reading “Gardening: Harvesting Lettuce and Spinach”

Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes

Operation Green Thumb sees it’s first significant harvest. Radishes were the first seeds sown in any bed, they were the first to germinate in the beds and now they are the first to be harvested. Soon we will be able to cut lettuce and spinach. In a month or so, pull some yummy 4″ sweetContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes”

Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens

Operation Green Thumb continues with trellising our plants. The vining plants in beds A and B like beans, peas, zucchini and cucumbers are trellised with the first pictures shown. The extension is an R Dub original. The jury is still out… wish us luck. Tomatoes in bed C are trellised with a structure made ofContinue reading “Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens”

Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?

We have featured three raised 5′ x 3′ garden beds on several gardening blog entries. A significant amount of money, time, planning, and effort have been invested in these beds. We are quite happy with them and intend for the investment to be utilized for many years forward. So far so good. They look great.Continue reading “Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?”

Gardening: Silly Sally Acid

As a one time lab rat. A fellow lab rat and friend of mine at the 3M Factory in Valley, Nebraska used to call aspirin Silly Sally Acid. The main ingredient of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid…pronounced uh·see·tuhl·sa·luh·si·luhk. Say that 3 times fast. I’m digressing early, I know… Any who. Nightshade plants like tomato and potatoContinue reading “Gardening: Silly Sally Acid”

Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling

Our bucket potatoes are beginning to green up. The Yukon Gold will be peaking up above the 5 gallon buckets soon. This weekend was time for ‘hilling’ them. One more term to add to our end of the season dictionary. Hilling is the act of piling soil up around the vines as they grow. SomeContinue reading “Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling”

Gardening: Anticipation, Now We Wait

Carly Simon said it best: “We can never know about the days to comeBut we think about them anyway…Or just chasin’ after some finer day Anticipation, anticipationIs makin’ me lateIs keepin’ me waitin’” Well, Carly was talking about some guy she met, but if she were a gardener I’m sure she’d agree that these lyricsContinue reading “Gardening: Anticipation, Now We Wait”