Gardening – A Tool for Our Mental Toolbox – Clyde’s Garden Planner

There are several keys or critical tips to growing a good garden. The key for beginning gardeners is to find the critical tips from ‘master’ gardeners. There are plenty of novices like us out there with advice that may of may not be good. We watch many of the successful YouTube gardeners, take notes andContinue reading “Gardening – A Tool for Our Mental Toolbox – Clyde’s Garden Planner”

Gardening: Planning 2022

Planning has begun for year two of Operation Green Thumb. The operation has never really stopped; we have been growing micro greens and herbs inside all winter. It is now time to map out what the outdoor garden for 2022 will be and when tasks should be preformed. The 2021 outdoor garden was in threeContinue reading “Gardening: Planning 2022”

Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed

After a winter of micro greens and herbs we turn our attention to getting ready for outdoor gardening. Outdoor gardening in February?! In Wisconsin?! Are we crazy?! Maybe. While the soil in the garden beds will not be ready to work for several weeks, there are a few crops that can be started from seedContinue reading “Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed”

Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!

We loved being able to go to the garden in the and pluck tasty and healthy snacks out of the garden during outdoor harvest times last summer and fall. When the first killing frost arrived, that all ended…until January 1st. Well, we couldn’t go out to the garden which is now a micro tundra, butContinue reading “Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!”

Gardening – Winding Down Outside: The Few, The Hardy

Beth and I spent many of the daylight hours Saturday and half the day Sunday taking down most of the backyard garden. Mostly fruitless bean, pea, tomato and corn plants were pulled from containers and the beds to become compost for the 2022 garden. There are still a few crops left growing in the eachContinue reading “Gardening – Winding Down Outside: The Few, The Hardy”

Gardening – Basil: Indoor Strong

Basil. You’ve all seen basil plants at grocery stores and the big box stores who sell groceries. It’s a plant that we have consistently killed off year in and year out. We’d buy a grocery store plant with the high hopes of having a healthy, happy and productive plant to pluck off basil as weContinue reading “Gardening – Basil: Indoor Strong”

Gardening – Late Harvest & Planting: 4th Quarter 2021

Photos of many things still in the garden. What’s not pictured, west side pole beans and cabbage, plus 6 container Brussels sprouts. Plus plans for attempted cold weather crops. When we are in, we are all in. This year has been more experiment than results oriented. With that said, we’ve been very happy with someContinue reading “Gardening – Late Harvest & Planting: 4th Quarter 2021”

Potent Potables – Garden to Glass: Cucumber Mint Martini

Cooking and canning salsa was fun and satisfying. So much so that Beth kept us on the garden to gullet roll with a slightly out of the box way of using fresh mint and cucumber. Beth surprised me Saturday afternoon with martini’s made from fresh mint and a cucumber. Both from our garden. Imagine that!Continue reading “Potent Potables – Garden to Glass: Cucumber Mint Martini”

Cooking – Garden to Canning Jar

Salsa! Easy to make, tasty to eat. Beth thought perhaps a little hot. Perfect for me! One of the many activities we shared this weekend was making and canning salsa from ingredients mainly plucked from our garden. Ingredients included: sweet corn, tomato, onion, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, beaver dam pepper, cilantro, and dried carrot tops.Continue reading “Cooking – Garden to Canning Jar”

Gardening – What Ate Our Sweetcorn!

Part the daily regimen during our 2021 year of Operation Green Thumb is checking on the status of the garden when arriving home each day. Luckily pests have not been a huge issue. We’ve not lost any crops due to a pest all season…until Thursday 9/23/21… Oh sure, we’ve had a few leaves nibbled onContinue reading “Gardening – What Ate Our Sweetcorn!”