Gardening – Weather Delay! : Herb Direct Seed & Lettuce Transplant

Enter the first full week of spring 2023. Our garden plans? Transplant lettuce to the hoop house and direct seed a few herbs in the new herb beds we prepared last fall. Mother Nature says; “Not so fast Skippy.”…we wake up Saturday morning to see 6″ of snow on the ground and another 4” yetContinue reading “Gardening – Weather Delay! : Herb Direct Seed & Lettuce Transplant”

Gardening – Beaver Dam Peppers: Who Needs Seeds? We’ve Got ‘Em

The Beaver Dam Pepper. What is it? Why would one want to grow this variety? We were introduced to the pepper by Tim Csiacsek (pronounced Chee Check) who is a decedent of the family who brought these peppers from Hungary to Beaver Dam, WI in the early 1900s. We met Tim while buying products forContinue reading “Gardening – Beaver Dam Peppers: Who Needs Seeds? We’ve Got ‘Em”

Gardening – Cabbage from Seed to Germination in 3 Days

Zone 5A March Seedling Starts – last Sunday we started one tray of cabbage. 18 total cells 3.5″ deep. We chose the deeper cells because we want to transfer them only once, from seed tray to container. 9 each All Season Cabbage and 9 each Golden Acre Cabbage. We were pleased to see seedlings germinatedContinue reading “Gardening – Cabbage from Seed to Germination in 3 Days”

Gardening – Leafy Greens: A Great Start

We began our 2023 outdoor garden in late January…indoors. 18 cells of spinach started on January 29. Only 15 cells germinated, but there are multiple spinach plants in several cells. We Started them in 3.5″ deep seed starter trays. Spinach does not like to be transplanted too often, so they will go directly from seedlingContinue reading “Gardening – Leafy Greens: A Great Start”

Gardening – 95% Discount: Alfalfa Sprouts

Dr’s recommendation: more plants (forks) and less meat (knives). Our cholesterol is out of hand… Finding fresh produce is difficult this time of year, so we try to grow as much of it as we can…indoors. We are growing round after round of micro greens (beans and pea shoots) plus sprouts (alfalfa and cabbage) toContinue reading “Gardening – 95% Discount: Alfalfa Sprouts”

Gardening – Planning for 2023: Clyde’s Garden Planner

There are several keys or critical tips to growing a good garden. The key for beginning gardeners is to find the critical tips from ‘master’ gardeners. We’ve think we’ve graduated from novice and are now moderately capable gardeners. We watch many of the successful YouTube gardeners, take notes and attempt to implement as much asContinue reading “Gardening – Planning for 2023: Clyde’s Garden Planner”

Gardening – Happy Accident: That’s Not Basil!

Bob Ross, famed PBS artist, was noted for saying among other things, that there are happy accidents. We may have found some in a recently planted seed starting tray. We have a raised bed just for herbs; dill, cilantro, parsley, oregano and basil. We didn’t get the cold hating herbs out before the first killerContinue reading “Gardening – Happy Accident: That’s Not Basil!”

Gardening – Let 2023 Begin: Seedlings & Micro Greens!

Gardening in January! Crazy perhaps. But the grow lights will keep these onions growing strong until they can go into a garden bed this April. Why start onions in January? The seedlings need to be 10 to 12 weeks old before putting them out in April. These seedlings were started on 1/16. Twelve weeks isContinue reading “Gardening – Let 2023 Begin: Seedlings & Micro Greens!”

Gardening – Late Fall Pleasant Surprises

It’s November 10th in Gardening Zone 5A (South Central Wisconsin) and we are still pulling product out of our garden each workday morning to make salads for lunch. We have 4 garden beds that are still actively growing. This is our second season of gardening. From novice to either advanced beginner and marginally competent. WeContinue reading “Gardening – Late Fall Pleasant Surprises”