Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?

We have featured three raised 5′ x 3′ garden beds on several gardening blog entries. A significant amount of money, time, planning, and effort have been invested in these beds. We are quite happy with them and intend for the investment to be utilized for many years forward. So far so good. They look great.Continue reading “Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?”

What’s In Your Bucket?

As we plow deeper into Operation Green Thumb, the unorthodox but YouTube successful technique of growing potatoes in 5 gallon buckets is next on our list of adventures. Several weeks ago a bag of Yukon Gold and a bag of Russian Banana Fingerling seed potatoes were purchased from a local home improvement store. The seedsContinue reading “What’s In Your Bucket?”

Reflecting Operation Green Thumb

Operation green thumb plows forward and we continue to try techniques gleaned from YouTube videos. We learn as we go. This picture shows several things. One are the three levels of shelving that hold our seedling trays and planters. Another is the presence of one grow lamp per level. This has not changed since startingContinue reading “Reflecting Operation Green Thumb”