Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!

We loved being able to go to the garden in the and pluck tasty and healthy snacks out of the garden during outdoor harvest times last summer and fall. When the first killing frost arrived, that all ended…until January 1st. Well, we couldn’t go out to the garden which is now a micro tundra, butContinue reading “Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!”

Cooking – Lamb Chops: Love Us Some Lollipops!

We love cooking a rack of lamb chops from time to time. Whenever ALDI has them in stock, we buy a few racks and put them in the freezer for occasions when we want something a little different, light and tasty. Friday night was one of those occasions. We’ve cooked lamb chops a few differentContinue reading “Cooking – Lamb Chops: Love Us Some Lollipops!”

Cooking – Sauteed Pole Beans : Autumn Garden to Plate

Our autumn planting pole beans are way outproducing the bunch beans that were planted last spring. The bunch beans produced 12 to 24 beans per week. Pole beans? Roughly one pound per week the last two weeks. We had a mild frost last night, it will be interesting to see how temps in the lowContinue reading “Cooking – Sauteed Pole Beans : Autumn Garden to Plate”

Gardening – Garden To Table…Or Mouth

Operation Green Thumb continues. All be it a small harvest to date. It has been a tasty harvest. We have enjoyed lettuce and spinach greens, radishes, carrots, hot peppers, green and yellow beans, sweet pea pods, fingerling potatoes and cabbage. Most recently we enjoyed a Sunday lunch of fried cabbage and bacon with a sideContinue reading “Gardening – Garden To Table…Or Mouth”