Daily Writing Prompt – …and I Quote!

The quote I tend to live my life by is “Ask forgiveness, not permission.” Even though the application of this quote drives those who think they have authority over me crazy. But, I do get things done thanks to this simple and exasperating phrase. We are surrounded by more people that will supply many reasonsContinue reading “Daily Writing Prompt – …and I Quote!”

Daily Prompt – Our Favorite Holiday & Why: Can’t Choose Just One!

I read ahead a few days ago to today’s writing prompt. What’s your favorite holiday and why? Mine? Like camping, it has changed over the years. As a kid, I love the holiday’s that rewarded you for just being there. Christmas, of course, with the arrival of Santa’s gift followed by all of the othersContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Our Favorite Holiday & Why: Can’t Choose Just One!”

Daily Prompt – The Evolution of My Camping Experiences

Today’s writing prompt: “Have you ever been camping?” Seemed like an odd question to me. A better question for me and most of the people I know would have been: “Have you never been camping?” Most of the people I know either do currently camp or have at one time in their life gone camping.Continue reading “Daily Prompt – The Evolution of My Camping Experiences”

Daily Prompt – Feeling Productive? Results vs Feeling

Today’s writing prompt. When do you feel most productive? Feeling productive and being productive could be mutually exclusive… To be honest, I feel at my most productive when creating in the kitchen. Frequently I am productive at work, but it is a productivity that does not have immediate feedback. Cooking a good meal has immediateContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Feeling Productive? Results vs Feeling”

Daily Prompt – How did your most recent risk turn out? Mr. Kirby!

My most recent risk was accepting the role of Mr. Kirby in a local production of “You Can’t Take It With You”. My last big role? The summer of 2016; Big Jule in “Guys and Dolls”. The risk? This is a big role. This character develops more from first entrance until the final curtain moreContinue reading “Daily Prompt – How did your most recent risk turn out? Mr. Kirby!”

Daily Prompt – Regret Free Risks

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”– Frederick Wilcox Granted, I’ve never taken big risks. At least I do not think so… But there have been risks and if I’ve regretted any, it was a fleeting feeling. Like yesterday’s post, taking too much time to lament anyContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Regret Free Risks”

Daily Prompt – Regretful Inaction: Is There Benefit?

Confucius say; “He who hesitates is lost.” Well, it may not have been Confucius, but close enough. Today’s daily prompt question. What inaction do you wish you’d done differently? I get the reason. With luck and introspection we learn from our mistakes. Inaction is not different than poor action. It can be wrong and weContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Regretful Inaction: Is There Benefit?”

Daily Prompt – Decisions of Growth: You’re Never Too Old To Learn

What decision did I make in the past that helped me learn or grow? Quite literally deciding to learn at the tender age of 57 has resulted in not only learning, but growing. How so? The act of earning my Masters of Science in Management propelled a promotion from night shift Production Supervisor to CustomerContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Decisions of Growth: You’re Never Too Old To Learn”

What Did High School Teach Us?

I started this post several days ago and set it aside to travel. Unlike this photo of my youngest and besties dutifully studying in the Wayland Academy library, my best high school learning took place in the hallways, lunch room and school parking lot. While my home town and public high school lacked the kindContinue reading “What Did High School Teach Us?”

Positive Change: What’s Yours?

Today’s question to all bloggers on this site. “Describe one positive change you have made in your life.” The most recent one for us is more plant based and less meat based foods. Why? One sudden spike in bad and overall cholesterol from our last fasting labs test results. Dr. Amy suggested a plant basedContinue reading “Positive Change: What’s Yours?”