Daily Prompt – Calling An Audible: Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s daily writing prompt is what public figure do you disagree with. R Dub prefers to keep these posts on the positive side. So…I’m calling an audible. Happy Mother’s Day! Speaking of my mom is highly traditional and probably too stereotypical, but the traditional stereotype of mom fits mine to a tee. What stereotype isContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Calling An Audible: Happy Mother’s Day!”

Daily Prompt – Career Plans? Winding Down The Career

The closer R Dub get the tender age of 62…and it is darned close now, the more appealing the photo above looks. My career goal is to be able to spend more time with Beth in any location we wish at any time we wish. Alternate career plans. Internet gardening expert. Hey, I guy canContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Career Plans? Winding Down The Career”

Daily Prompt – Last Attended Live Performance

Like many of the daily writing prompt, this one looks closed ended but can go in many different ways. What was the last live performance you saw? In the strictest of definition it was Saturday evening at the Door County Brew Company. A one man band who goes by the simple name of Guitar George…fromContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Last Attended Live Performance”

Daily Prompt – Community Involvement

What do we do to be involved with the community? What do we not do? There are many things both big and small. I’m sure others answering this daily prompt go bigger, others smaller. Most somewhere between. How do we define community? Is it the globe? Is it our neighborhood? What is involvement? Organizing toContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Community Involvement”

Daily Prompt – Job For One Day? Easy : NFL 3rd String QB!

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day? This is an easy one. What job would be ideal for one day. NFL 3rd string QB. Why? Number one, I get to see an NFL game from field level. Number two, a great one day payday with little risk of harm. 3rdContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Job For One Day? Easy : NFL 3rd String QB!”

Daily Prompt – Favorite Brands & Why? None Thanks! Options Please?

Brand loyalty. I try not to have a favorite brand or an avoided brand. I’m more fond of asking what are my options regardless of brand and make decisions based upon situational needs. This topic has been in the news and a hot topic on social media lately. For the first time that I canContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Favorite Brands & Why? None Thanks! Options Please?”

Daily Prompt – Who Do You Admire? Seek Advice From?

List the people you admire and look to for advice… According to Gallup, the ten most admired people of the last decade are Mother Theresa, MLK Jr., JFK, Einstein, Helen Keller, FDR, Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill. I’ve no issues with any of them. However, I would’ve put NelsonContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Who Do You Admire? Seek Advice From?”

Daily Prompt – The Easiest Exercise: Voting

Do you vote in political elections? I’ve voted in every general and primary election since the day I turned 18. Over the years the act has become more and more easy to exercise. Primarily after the pandemic waned. As they say, and they do say it…whoever they are… If you don’t vote you’ve got noContinue reading “Daily Prompt – The Easiest Exercise: Voting”