Daily Prompt – My Legacy

What is the legacy that I want to leave behind? To be honest, this is not a question that I think about. So, this a good prompting question. Thanks whomever or whatever (AI) came up with this daily prompt! I started by making sure that I understood the definition of the word legacy. According toContinue reading “Daily Prompt – My Legacy”

Daily Prompt – Cold Weather Feelings

How do we feel about cold weather? We have chosen to live in the upper Midwest, so we like it…most of the time. Most of the time we like it, sometimes we love it, sometimes not so much. We must admit there is something special about the first big snow storm each year. Playing inContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Cold Weather Feelings”

Daily Prompt – Calling An Audible: What’s Up With This?

The easy and quick answer to have you ever broken a bone is no. That’s no fun. So…riddle me this? Why did our magnolia bush start with bright magenta flowers, rain and wind blew them off, they were replaced by pink flowers…IN THE SAME WEEK! What’s up with that?!

Daily Prompt – Oldest Thing I’m Wearing Today? Underwear!

The oldest thing I’m wearing most days is my underwear. Why? I prefer underwear with physical, not the printed ink tag. So…I save the old style with a tag sewn in for as long as the elastic will last! Why? If I’m getting dressed while Beth is sleeping, I do not want to turn onContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Oldest Thing I’m Wearing Today? Underwear!”

Daily Prompt – Leader or Follower

The question; Are you a leader or a follower? Most of the time a leader, but I know when to follow. When do I follow? When someone takes the reins and knows what they are doing. Much of the curriculum in my Masters program dealt with leading people and projects. Part of learning to leadContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Leader or Follower”

Daily Prompt – Positive Impact Story

A person who had a positive impact in my life. There are many, but this onegot me off my duff and started me to take positive changes that impacted mylife. Bart and I have been friends since he arrived in my hometown back in JuniorHigh School. The fact that I called it Junior High andContinue reading “Daily Prompt – Positive Impact Story”