Cooking – Side Dish: Jalapeno Infused Cornbread w/Bacon & Cheese!

I don’t speak for Beth on this one, but this was my first attempt at homemade cornbread. I’m guessing that this is not her first attempt at homemade cornbread, but we worked together on it…including the consumption. All of the peppers are enjoying a hotter than normal August sun. Every pepper plant is bursting withContinue reading “Cooking – Side Dish: Jalapeno Infused Cornbread w/Bacon & Cheese!”

Cooking: Spare Ribs Easy & Perfect…Always

BBQ Ribs. One of my favorite snacks. It was the first thing R Dub learned to cook on the first smoker grill I owned. Now it is one of the least often meat cooked on my smoker. Note that the ribs pictured above are on my Weber kettle grill and they not only look great,Continue reading “Cooking: Spare Ribs Easy & Perfect…Always”

Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!

I know, I know. R Dub has blogged about chili twice already. True, but… My first chili blog “Chilly Outside, Chili Inside” featured R Dubs award winning chili that is a little left of center compared to what most people would consider traditional chili. But hey! The judges put the blue ribbon on it andContinue reading “Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!”