Cooking – Baked Buttery Garlicky Shrimp

New years eve and football bowl season provides a plethora of party recipes. We found this one touted as a NYE snack. To be honest, it is a little messy for a party if served in the cast iron skillet used to cook it in. But, Beth and I thought this was a great entreeContinue reading “Cooking – Baked Buttery Garlicky Shrimp”

Cooking – Split Pea and Ham Soup: Bring On The Sub Zero Temps!

Wisconsin winters, cold and snowy. We like it, but sometimes we need a little assistance taking the chill off when we get inside the house. A piping hot bowl of soup always hits the spot on a cold Wisconsin winter day. Temps are predicted to dip below zero the weekend of New Years. Perfect timing.Continue reading “Cooking – Split Pea and Ham Soup: Bring On The Sub Zero Temps!”

Cooking – Lamb Chops: Love Us Some Lollipops!

We love cooking a rack of lamb chops from time to time. Whenever ALDI has them in stock, we buy a few racks and put them in the freezer for occasions when we want something a little different, light and tasty. Friday night was one of those occasions. We’ve cooked lamb chops a few differentContinue reading “Cooking – Lamb Chops: Love Us Some Lollipops!”

Cooking – Side Dish: Jalapeno Infused Cornbread w/Bacon & Cheese!

I don’t speak for Beth on this one, but this was my first attempt at homemade cornbread. I’m guessing that this is not her first attempt at homemade cornbread, but we worked together on it…including the consumption. All of the peppers are enjoying a hotter than normal August sun. Every pepper plant is bursting withContinue reading “Cooking – Side Dish: Jalapeno Infused Cornbread w/Bacon & Cheese!”

Cooking: Spare Ribs Easy & Perfect…Always

BBQ Ribs. One of my favorite snacks. It was the first thing R Dub learned to cook on the first smoker grill I owned. Now it is one of the least often meat cooked on my smoker. Note that the ribs pictured above are on my Weber kettle grill and they not only look great,Continue reading “Cooking: Spare Ribs Easy & Perfect…Always”

Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!

I know, I know. R Dub has blogged about chili twice already. True, but… My first chili blog “Chilly Outside, Chili Inside” featured R Dubs award winning chili that is a little left of center compared to what most people would consider traditional chili. But hey! The judges put the blue ribbon on it andContinue reading “Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!”