Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 9 “A Brief Respite”

Chapter 9 – A Brief Respite Kay Long puts her Bloody Mary down on the breakfast bar in her kitchen and wanders to the guest bedroom to make sure it is ready for Francis’ visit. Visit. Somehow, she does not think that Francis’ arrival will be the typical definition of a visit. Francis answered theContinue reading “Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 9 “A Brief Respite””

The Show (Skiing) Must Go On

As I type, the Beaverland MustSki water ski show team is on the water kicking off their first water practice of the 2021 season at Tahoe Park in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Tonight’s practice will not look like the picture above. It will look more like the two pictures below; cold, layered and safely smaller. ShowContinue reading “The Show (Skiing) Must Go On”