Gardening – Come On Spring!

Indoor gardening. We have a few seed starts. Onions were first in mid January for transplanting outside in early April. Spinach next which will go into a hoop house in early to mid April. Four types of lettuce that will be scattered into several beds when they all thaw out. (Or unthaw as the localsContinue reading “Gardening – Come On Spring!”

Gardening – Beaver Dam Peppers: Who Needs Seeds? We’ve Got ‘Em

The Beaver Dam Pepper. What is it? Why would one want to grow this variety? We were introduced to the pepper by Tim Csiacsek (pronounced Chee Check) who is a decedent of the family who brought these peppers from Hungary to Beaver Dam, WI in the early 1900s. We met Tim while buying products forContinue reading “Gardening – Beaver Dam Peppers: Who Needs Seeds? We’ve Got ‘Em”