Holiday Traditions – Day 10: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth’s ornament to R Dub commemorating our dog Buddy Girl who we lost in March of 2021.

Day 10. Another ornament, another important ornament. This one honoring our dog Buddy Girl who we lost to a burst mass in March of 2021. The following photos are of Buddy girl with us since 2017.

Buddy Girl on her favorite rug.
During her favorite activity, catching Frisbee in fresh snow.
Buddy’s last road trip with R Dub to see Beth in Eau Claire.
Buddy was allowed on one piece of furniture and she was very fond of this chair…her chair.
Another one of her favorite activities. Beth’s yoga sessions.
…and of course, visitors. She loved visitors to her house. Buddy Girl with Madison.
Buddy Girl’s favorite activity, frisbee in fresh snow!
Fetch indoors, not her favorite but very enjoyable all the same.

Holiday Traditions – Day 9: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

The Kwik Trip gift card. Sexy? No. Functional? Absolutely!

Day 9. Gift Cards! I know, I know. Gift cards…Sexy? Hardly. But hear us out.

In this case gift cards are a gift that keeps giving. Note that this Kwik Trip gift card says $110 dollars. Kwik Trip offered $110 cards for $100 and $55 cards for $50.

How about that; frugal and functional!

We drive many miles per week for the sake of work…and in the great state of Wisconsin there seems to be at least one Kwik Trip in most every town.

These cards can be used for more than gasoline too. We are fond of Kwik Trip egg rolls, and one never knows when a nice hot cup of coffee or a bottle of water is needed. We are strangely fond of Cheese Mountain pizzas as well. Plus every purchase counts toward reduced price gasoline rewards.

There you have it. Kwik Trip gift cards are a gift that keeps on giving!

So…here’s to the maligned gift card.

Holiday Traditions – Day 8: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Day 8 gift from R Dub to Beth. Brew Crew stocking cap. Beth is fond of a good stocking cap, she rocks them. Proof coming up!

Day 8 – R Dub’s turn to give to Beth. Beth loves a good stocking cap, and she rocks them. Here’s a compilation of stocking caps through our years together.

Told ya! Rockin’ the toque!
Our spoof of the old Bud Light Dilly! Dilly! commercials.
Ice castles display at the WI Dells. R Dub got a nice shot with a full moon in the background.
The 12 Days of Christmas circa 2018.
Beth and our friend Michelle in front of the Christmas Train at the Columbus, WI train depot.
Preparing to kayak in Lake Superior on a very cold June 1st day.
During the boat ride back to the marina after kayaking in Lake Superior on a cold June 1st.
Mugging for the camera while checking out the ice formations in Door County.
Stopping for a beer and lunch and to warm up on our Door County ice formation weekend.
Valentines Day weekend at the Ox Bow Hotel in Eau Claire 2020.
In our backyard on a sunny autumn afternoon.
At Yellowstone National Park July of 2020
During a garage sale with our friend Christina
At Giordano’s pizzeria prior to a visit to Wriggly Field to see the Brew Crew take on the Cubs. The Cubs jersey is R Dub’s…but he out grew it…
Not a stocking cap, but she sure is pretty wearing it!

Holiday Traditions – Day 7: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth’s day 7 gift to R Dub. An ornament commemorating Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey wishing a very loud Merry Christmas! to Bedford Falls near the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” R Dub got to play the iconic George Bailey this year in a made for radio production. Beth knows what I like!

Day 7. One more ornament to hang from our tree. This one is very special. One of R Dub’s favorite Christmas movies is “It’s A Wonderful Life” starring the late great Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

R Dub has been blessed to portray the iconic George Bailey in two different made for radio productions of the story. We just finished this years rendition on Sunday afternoon. The final performance out of a three day run.

From left to right on stage: Jay Wilkins as Clarence “Angel Second Class”, R Dub as George Bailey and John Biel as Nick The Bartender. Seated in row one from left to right: (green dress) Amy Hopp as Mary, Dan Landsness as Ernie the Cab Driver and Tina Swain as Mother Bailey.
While the live performances are done, the show will be simulcast on radio station WBEV on Christmas eve at 6:00 pm and again on Christmas day at 11:00 am. WBEV streams live on
Cast Directors and sound effects crew photo. 34 strong, plus 2 in the tech booth up top!

Holiday Traditions – Day 6: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth models R Dub’s gift of a bracelet while she perused the menu at Benvenuto’s Italian Grill in Beaver Dam.
Bonus to the gift is the cool jewelry box with a forever rose in the display case above.

Day 6, R Dub’s turn. Half way through on Monday

Holiday Traditions – Day 5: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

A flask with a fuel gauge! Brilliant!

Day 5, Beth’s turn. The flask, not used often, but it sure comes in handy from time to time.

What R Dub loves about this gift. A flask with a fuel gauge! Form, fit and function. The holy trinity for geeks like R Dub.

When there is a BYOB situation and you want to have something less filling than beer or wine, the flask is a great way to bring a small amount of your favorite spirit to the party. I’m reminded of what George Bailey tells Clarence the angel second class about cash. “It sure come in handy down here bub.”

Day 6 is back in R Dub’s court. Stay tuned!

Holiday Traditions – Day 3: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Beth looks better in our matching Christmas PJs, but R Dub would have it no other way!

Day 3 is back to Beth. Friday evening December 3rd.

Matching Christmas PJs have been on R Dubs wish list for many years. Corny? Yes. Childish? You betcha!

R Dub is a man of simple pleasures. I’m easy to make happy. Past blog posts have talked about Bucket List items that are pretty simple like The Eagles concert, a trip Yellowstone, and etc. Christmas wish lists are no different.

Christmas gift lists are just as simple. My ideal Christmas morning? Everyone in matching PJs making a simple breakfast of pancakes and link sausage with a hot coffee. This year? That may actually happen. Stay tuned!

Day four is back to R Dub.

Holiday Traditions – Day 4: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Day 4. Personalized ornaments are fun. They remind us of what was. A friendlier version of Dickens’ Ghost of Christmas Past. Long past? No, our past!
The photo that inspired the Day 4 gift!
The backside of the ornament so we never forget the year. Our only disappointment was not having enough space on the ornament for everyone’s name on the back.

Day 4, Sunday December 5, R Dub’s turn. A personalized ornament commemorating our family vacation in Yellowstone. The web site showed enough space to put all of our names on the ornament, but a friendly Customer Service rep sent a message that, in reality, there was only enough room for Beth and Ron and the year…

In June we posted a series of blogs that chronicled our family trip to Yellowstone with Beth’s daughter Madison, R Dub’s mom Jan, daughter Riane and her guy Michael. Commemorating that wonderful vacation with an ornament seemed perfect. Beth agrees.

Beth and I both remember family vacations growing up. We grew up in an era and a socioeconomic time that didn’t facilitate flying everyone in to the location from different parts of the USA, but our parents made it happen. They’d load up the cars with luggage and food and the family and off we’d go. Pretty much every year.

Warm memories were formed on these vacations. Through either our minds eye or from old photos and 8mm film converted to digital media we remember…and fondly.

This was R Dub’s way of making sure we think of the Yellowstone vacation each year, at least on every Christmas tree.

Day 5 is back to Beth – stay tuned!

Final day (hour) group shot at the VRBO
Happily crammed into one vehicle.

Holiday Traditions – Day 2: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Difficult to see from R Dub’s framing, but this is a large welcome mat by the front door. It will mostly be seen by delivery people, but what the heck!

R Dub’s first gift to Beth. Officially the 2nd Day of Christmas for us was December 2nd when Beth got home from work.

What is it? It’s a 24″ x 36″ door mat welcoming guests to our front door. Well…mostly it is welcoming delivery people to our front door. We didn’t have a Christmas door mat that could withstand our cold December winds. The red truck with a Christmas tree and wreath is kind our thing so…perfect!

Day 3 is back to Beth. Stay tuned!

Holiday Traditions – Day 1: The Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Basil plants under R Dubs 1st Day of Christmas gift from Beth. The plant on the right did get pruned after this shot.

Day #1 of The Twelve Nonconsecutive Days of Christmas was prior to Thanksgiving. Beth was so excited on the day that this Grow Light showed up at the ranch that waiting for December was not an option. She immediately asked if we could celebrate the first day of Christmas and I excitedly said, yes!

These grow lights are adjustable in height and have a built in timer that runs the grow lights for 16 hours per day and allows the plants to rest for 8 hours per day. This is the perfect amount of light and rest for herbs.

The only plants that we are currently growing indoors are herbs and micro-greens. As the picture shows, we have two basil plants under R Dubs gift from the 1st Day of Christmas.

Basil is one of Beth’s favorite herbs. So, like many of the gifts we will be giving each other during our Twelve Nonconsecutive Days of Christmas, this gift is really for both of us!

Stay tuned for Day 2, when R Dub unveils his first gift to Beth.