The Top Hats Cometh

February 2 is Groundhog Day each year. Why? Most people know that we track seasons by tracking four dates by the earth’s position or tilt while orbiting the sun. These days mark the beginning of the four seasons. Summer solstice is June 21st, fall equinox is September 23rd, winter solstice is December 21st and springContinue reading “The Top Hats Cometh”

Ruined By The Bell?

The lovable geeky TV and movie high school character. We do love the funny underdog. Like Steve Urkel the neighbor in Family Matters, Arnold Jackson in Diff’rent Strokes, Webster Long from Webster, James Evans Jr. in Good Times, Danny Partridge from The Partridge Family, Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and characters playedContinue reading “Ruined By The Bell?”

Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 2 – Shock and Awe

Chapter Two – Shock and Awe “…and why am I asking you Gunner? Shocked, and in awe, Kirk scans the small bathroom looking for damage. Outside of a little dust he sees nothing to be alarmed about. However, stepping into the main Mother-In-Law addition there is a significant crack in the ceiling. The placement ofContinue reading “Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 2 – Shock and Awe”

Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 1 – A Dog Day Morning

Chapter 1 – A Dog Day Morning Kirk Gage is jolted from a light slumber by the sound of his German shepherd dog Gunner barking. He reaches to his right to shut off the C pap machine, slides out of bed, quickly dons a pair of well-worn sweatpants from the top of his dresser andContinue reading “Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 1 – A Dog Day Morning”

2020 Musings From Down Under

Guest Blogger – Russell Clark a former workmate from Adelaide, SA, Australia. Corona, blah blah blah. Politics and elections, blah blah blah. Weather, blah blah blah. All the insanity in the world and you people are still a massive bunch of wankers. If this past year has done anything, it’s taught us how fragile lifeContinue reading “2020 Musings From Down Under”

Never Look A Gift Horse…

Clichés; athletes are allegedly trained to use them. We gave 110% effort today. I kept my eye on the ball. We took our swings. You can’t win them all. We brought our A-game today… In the movie Bull Durham, the grizzled old catcher played by Kevin Costner taught Tim Robbins character several clichés before heContinue reading “Never Look A Gift Horse…”