Half Staff vs Half Mast

Been seeing Old Glory flying in this position more frequently than I can ever remember during the last year. Curiosity not only about why, what people or events will prompt it, and for how long the flag will be flown this way was piqued. When the flag is in this position I refer to TheContinue reading “Half Staff vs Half Mast”

Nobody’s Fool

I’ve never been a fan of the practical joke. Needless to say, I’m also not a fan of an entire day set aside for them. There is nothing funny about practical jokes in R Dub’s opinion. Probably the best known practical joke in recent history was Orson Welles’ live radio broadcast of an adaptation ofContinue reading “Nobody’s Fool”

A Place For Our Stuff

“Beautiful in form and feature, lovely as the day, can there be so fair a creature formed of common clay?” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Longfellow was probably referring to the creature that God formed from clay…us. You know, human beings. Until hardened by the kiln or the environment clay can be formed to most anything thatContinue reading “A Place For Our Stuff”

Green Thumb Sequel: Moving On Up!

It’s like being a new parent. We plant the seeds and watch with baited breath for days and weeks waiting for the first sprout. When the first sprout emerges there is great celebration! When every planter has at least one sprout there is great satisfaction that we have a chance to grow our own freshContinue reading “Green Thumb Sequel: Moving On Up!”

Enter The King

Sunday March 28 marked the beginning of Holy Week. The holiest of all weeks in the Christian faith. It is tradition on Easter Sunday for Christians to greet each other with the words; “He is risen!” The appropriate response is; “He is risen indeed!” Which comes from Luke 24:34; “The Lord has risen indeed, andContinue reading “Enter The King”

Sprouting A Green Thumb

As a result of limited essential supplies and escalating grocery prices the last year, Beth and I are attempting to be more self sufficient. Starting a garden is one of those attempts. Many of the foods that we purchase and consume bear the organic label. But I’m always skeptical that the foods in the packageContinue reading “Sprouting A Green Thumb”

False Sense of Security

Some grim news came out of the small town of Anamosa, Iowa on Tuesday. This community is home to a century old state run penitentiary. While being treated in the infirmary, an inmate attacked multiple staff members and inmates. The inmate was eventually controlled, but not until injuring many and killing two, a nurse andContinue reading “False Sense of Security”

There’s Meat and Then There’s Meat

Lenten fasting and abstinence. Millions of people will abstain from meat during this the Holiest of seasons for the Christian faith. My Catholic friends understand the rituals and their meanings better than most Protestants. I mean, really, why isn’t fish defined as meat? This is the question that I asked Beth. Well…maybe not in thoseContinue reading “There’s Meat and Then There’s Meat”