Travel – Planes (Plains) Trains and Automobiles

Part one of a multi edition travel series. We like to travel, we like to travel together. Conversation never lulls and we tend to have similar likes. Bonus: our birthdays are a little over a week apart so we try to plan our travel around that time of year. A gift to each other. AContinue reading “Travel – Planes (Plains) Trains and Automobiles”

Traditions – Lenten Meatless Friday’s: There’s Meat and Then There’s Meat

Sure, there’s only one Friday of fasting left for this Lenten season, but…better late than never. We posted this in 2021 shortly after Fat Tuesday. This year on Maundy Thursday. Lenten fasting and abstinence. Millions of people will abstain from meat during this the Holiest of seasons for the Christian faith. My Catholic friends understandContinue reading “Traditions – Lenten Meatless Friday’s: There’s Meat and Then There’s Meat”

Working – The Year of the Resignation: How’s It Working Out?

R Dub originally posted this one a few months ago. While enjoying my morning cup of “pick me up” today, a news blurb announces that a full 40% of 2021’s Resignation Nation have left the job that they left their jobs for already. Sigh… The grass is RARELY greener on the other side of theContinue reading “Working – The Year of the Resignation: How’s It Working Out?”

March – In Like A Lion…

As the saying goes; “March: In like a lion and out like a lamb.” “If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.” But where does it come from? According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the weather folklore stems from ancestral beliefs in balance, meaning if the weather at the start ofContinue reading “March – In Like A Lion…”

Gardening – A Tool for Our Mental Toolbox – Clyde’s Garden Planner

There are several keys or critical tips to growing a good garden. The key for beginning gardeners is to find the critical tips from ‘master’ gardeners. There are plenty of novices like us out there with advice that may of may not be good. We watch many of the successful YouTube gardeners, take notes andContinue reading “Gardening – A Tool for Our Mental Toolbox – Clyde’s Garden Planner”

Gardening: Planning 2022

Planning has begun for year two of Operation Green Thumb. The operation has never really stopped; we have been growing micro greens and herbs inside all winter. It is now time to map out what the outdoor garden for 2022 will be and when tasks should be preformed. The 2021 outdoor garden was in threeContinue reading “Gardening: Planning 2022”

Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed

After a winter of micro greens and herbs we turn our attention to getting ready for outdoor gardening. Outdoor gardening in February?! In Wisconsin?! Are we crazy?! Maybe. While the soil in the garden beds will not be ready to work for several weeks, there are a few crops that can be started from seedContinue reading “Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed”

Creative Shelving at Walmart: Are Disappearing Shelves Better Than Empty Shelves?

We are living in interesting, if not alarming times. Supply chains world wide have been disrupted. At any given time one isle or another is lean of inventory and has been since the middle of 2020. How are retailers dealing with the problem? I’m offering some anecdotal observations from our last two or three tripsContinue reading “Creative Shelving at Walmart: Are Disappearing Shelves Better Than Empty Shelves?”