Working – The Year of the Resignation: Stupidity or Brilliance Staying On The Job?

One of my coworkers turned in his resignation this week and it was not because he already had a new job lined up. As a person who has been ‘down sized’ twice since 2015 and a person of a certain age, I can attest that it is far more difficult to be hired as anContinue reading “Working – The Year of the Resignation: Stupidity or Brilliance Staying On The Job?”

Cooking – Simple Jalapeno Poppers: Garden to Plate

We’ve been teasing this Jalapeno Popper recipe for a few of weeks. Here’s the quick and easy recipe via our next door neighbor Karen. Ingredients: 8 Jalapeno Peppers 8 oz Cream Cheese 8 oz Cheddar Cheese (shredded) 1 cup Panko crumbs 1 clove garlic (pressed) 4 tablespoons butter Directions: Cut jalapeno peppers in half andContinue reading “Cooking – Simple Jalapeno Poppers: Garden to Plate”

Cooking – Garden To Table: Tomato Pepper Cucumber Salad

A friend of ours stopped by last night to review our investment and financial health. Once we made a few important decisions concerning investment commitments the subject turned to our garden. We were all hungry and thirsty. R Dub uncorked a bottle of Bordeaux wine and we whipped up a nice fresh produce salad. TheContinue reading “Cooking – Garden To Table: Tomato Pepper Cucumber Salad”

The Show(skiing) Did Go On! A Season In Review

The 2021 water ski competition season is over. The exhibition season is over as well. The final show was the Sunday prior to Labor Day. After that? Three fun days per week until the sun sets too early to make it worth while to move all of the equipment and boats to the lake. UsuallyContinue reading “The Show(skiing) Did Go On! A Season In Review”

Gardening – Container Sweet Corn: Impossible? Think Again

R Dub grew up on a one acre property in the middle of a small town community. Mom and dad utilized roughly 1/4 of the property for gardening for many of the 18 years that I lived with them. There were many ‘favorite’ crops in that garden. Radishes, peas, carrots, kohlrabi were among my favoritesContinue reading “Gardening – Container Sweet Corn: Impossible? Think Again”

Gardening – Food Storage – Canning Our Harvest

Operation Green Thumb advanced to harvest weeks ago, but it seemed to creep along. Finally, we are plucking more produce than we can consume immediately. Time to can. For the most part we have an excess of tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. A common gardening story we’re sure. The potatoes will keep for a whileContinue reading “Gardening – Food Storage – Canning Our Harvest”

Working – Generations: Stronger Together

The ages of employees working in our factories range from roughly 20 to 70. Four generations working under the same roof. Generations Z, X, Y, and Baby Boomers all working together. As a corporation, we spend a great deal of time training management and recruiting for diversity. One form of diversity are the generations. SuccessionContinue reading “Working – Generations: Stronger Together”

Gardening – Determinate or Indeterminate: That Is The Question

Have you ever fallen victim to mistaken identity? Moreover have you ever been guilty of mistaken identity? Not so sadly, R Dub is guilty of misidentifying our San Marzano tomatoes. In an earlier post our San Marzano were listed as Determinate, while the Steak Sandwich Hybrid tomatoes were correctly identified as Indeterminate. At this pointContinue reading “Gardening – Determinate or Indeterminate: That Is The Question”

Show Skiing – A Rare View From The Boat

The 2021 Beaverland Mustski show ski season is winding down. College aged kids have mostly headed back to school leaving the younger kids and old veterans left to entertain the home crowd two more times before we hang up the skis and tow ropes until spring of 2022. The 2021 theme; “Raiders of the LostContinue reading “Show Skiing – A Rare View From The Boat”

Gardening – July and August Succession Plants: How Ya Now?

Succession and fall harvest plants are slowly taking the place of summer harvested plants, and a few additions that prefer cooler weather than hot weather. The corn pictured above were planted in early July and should be ready to harvest in November. Tassels just emerged in the last few days. At that time we movedContinue reading “Gardening – July and August Succession Plants: How Ya Now?”