Ethics Is Not A Game

Ethics is not a game. Poor ethical decisions can have tragic results. My final Master’s program class featured a curriculum called The Ethics Game. My solutions to every ethical dilemma were all deemed by the program as ideal. In the real world, I’ve had to make ethical decisions frequently. During the game there is noContinue reading “Ethics Is Not A Game”

Best Laid Plans = Homemade Taco Seasoning

The pantry and fridge were getting pretty lean, so a grocery run was overdue and happened this morning. Several local grocers were visited. Two locally owned; Rechek’s Food Pride and Lupita’s Market. Two chains; Aldi and Walmart. Roaming by lettuce at Food Pride for some reason gave me a craving for tacos. Plus I amContinue reading “Best Laid Plans = Homemade Taco Seasoning”

Um…Did You…Ah…Notice It Too?!

One of the great gifts in today’s plethora of social media outlets and the handy communication tools built into our mobile devices is the ability to receive instant feedback concerning what you say and how it is said. After posting “One Mask, Two Mask, Three Masks Yo!”; one glaring issue slapped me right in theContinue reading “Um…Did You…Ah…Notice It Too?!”

Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 5 – Tactical Error #2

Chapter 5 – Tactical Error #2 Kirk drives east five blocks before turning left onto the highway towards the closest gas station. Traffic on this street is practically nonexistent after midnight most nights and tonight it is completely nonexistent. The absence of lights at their local Kwik Trip is glaring. No light illuminating the marquee,Continue reading “Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 5 – Tactical Error #2”

A Tale of Two Cities Or Out and About in WI

A Tale of Two Cities may be a bit of a misnomer, or at best artistic license. Beth and I frequently take advantage of our days together by enjoying what we call little adventures. A couple of weekends ago it was a trip to three of Wisconsin’s smallest towns and then this last weekend toContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities Or Out and About in WI”

Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 4 – We’ve Got This

Chapter 4 – We’ve Got This “Yes, we should go over the spreadsheets. Oh! I did forget to do something! First, we need to make sure the portable solar generator is charged. If my memory serves me well, the display read 90% charged during the last inspection. It shouldn’t take too long to completely chargeContinue reading “Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 4 – We’ve Got This”

Fine Dining Mac N Cheese…or…5 Cheese Bacon and Lobster Pasta

Shortly after downloading my first video into a WordPress blog, Beth sent a congratulatory text. I thanked her and responded that I may need to hire a videographer. She asked who I had in mind…my response, of course was her. Welcome my new combination sous chef and videographer Beth for this blog post. The rawContinue reading “Fine Dining Mac N Cheese…or…5 Cheese Bacon and Lobster Pasta”

One Mask, Two Mask, Three Masks Yo!

My January 30 post “A Filter By Any Other Name” was a popular one. Shortly after posting it, Dr. Fauci floated a now popular sentiment that if one mask is good, two must be better. Soon the CDC released unspecified testing that two masks are indeed better than one. Here’s a quick video showing theContinue reading “One Mask, Two Mask, Three Masks Yo!”