Gardening: Planning 2022

Planning has begun for year two of Operation Green Thumb. The operation has never really stopped; we have been growing micro greens and herbs inside all winter. It is now time to map out what the outdoor garden for 2022 will be and when tasks should be preformed. The 2021 outdoor garden was in threeContinue reading “Gardening: Planning 2022”

Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed

After a winter of micro greens and herbs we turn our attention to getting ready for outdoor gardening. Outdoor gardening in February?! In Wisconsin?! Are we crazy?! Maybe. While the soil in the garden beds will not be ready to work for several weeks, there are a few crops that can be started from seedContinue reading “Gardening – Preparing For 2022: First Up Onions From Seed”

Creative Shelving at Walmart: Are Disappearing Shelves Better Than Empty Shelves?

We are living in interesting, if not alarming times. Supply chains world wide have been disrupted. At any given time one isle or another is lean of inventory and has been since the middle of 2020. How are retailers dealing with the problem? I’m offering some anecdotal observations from our last two or three tripsContinue reading “Creative Shelving at Walmart: Are Disappearing Shelves Better Than Empty Shelves?”

Cooking – Baked Buttery Garlicky Shrimp

New years eve and football bowl season provides a plethora of party recipes. We found this one touted as a NYE snack. To be honest, it is a little messy for a party if served in the cast iron skillet used to cook it in. But, Beth and I thought this was a great entreeContinue reading “Cooking – Baked Buttery Garlicky Shrimp”

Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!

We loved being able to go to the garden in the and pluck tasty and healthy snacks out of the garden during outdoor harvest times last summer and fall. When the first killing frost arrived, that all ended…until January 1st. Well, we couldn’t go out to the garden which is now a micro tundra, butContinue reading “Gardening – Micro Greens: Easy Peasy!”

Cooking – Split Pea and Ham Soup: Bring On The Sub Zero Temps!

Wisconsin winters, cold and snowy. We like it, but sometimes we need a little assistance taking the chill off when we get inside the house. A piping hot bowl of soup always hits the spot on a cold Wisconsin winter day. Temps are predicted to dip below zero the weekend of New Years. Perfect timing.Continue reading “Cooking – Split Pea and Ham Soup: Bring On The Sub Zero Temps!”

Christmas Wrap Up – A Wonderfully Busy December

Put a fork in it, Christmas 2021 is in the books. I’m looking over our first significant (plow-able) snow of the season while typing this post. Writing, sipping on a cup of coffee and admiring our white backyard is a great way to recover after finding the driveway with the help of young Chris acrossContinue reading “Christmas Wrap Up – A Wonderfully Busy December”

Holiday Traditions – Days 11 & 12: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas

Our twelve nonconsecutive days of Christmas end with a nonconsecutive two for one post of days 11 and twelve. There are several gifts to chronicle as well. We united on Wednesday December 23 to prepare for Christmas eve and Christmas day. It is appropriate also, to post the final installment of our 12 Nonconsecutive DaysContinue reading “Holiday Traditions – Days 11 & 12: Our Twelve (Nonconsecutive) Days of Christmas”