Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!

I know, I know. R Dub has blogged about chili twice already. True, but… My first chili blog “Chilly Outside, Chili Inside” featured R Dubs award winning chili that is a little left of center compared to what most people would consider traditional chili. But hey! The judges put the blue ribbon on it andContinue reading “Cooking: Cincinnati Chili? The Sky Is The Limit!”

Truly A WORLD Wide Web

For better or worse, the internet sends us to many places and can send people to us from all over the world. It is my opinion that, for the most part, it is better that the web is world wide. This morning my blog source sent me a message that there were views in aContinue reading “Truly A WORLD Wide Web”

Gardening: What’s Up Doc? Carrots!

Second crop in our raised garden beds is carrots. Like the radish, carrots are also a cold weather liking plant. We are big fans of the carrot. For snacking and for cooking. The radishes we are spreading out over time because they are ready for harvest quickly and we do not typically eat them veryContinue reading “Gardening: What’s Up Doc? Carrots!”

Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!

Operation Green Thumb advanced to our first seeds sewn. One row to Cherry Belle Radishes planted in what we have labeled as Bed “C”. Radishes are a cold weather veggie that will grow to maturity in as little as 21 days. They tend to be a reliable germinating plant too. We should pretty much haveContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed? Radishes!”

Novel: Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 7 – A New Day

Chapter 7 – A New Day Kirk is jogged from a deep sleep by the muffled woof of Gunner at the other side of their bedroom door. He can feel Gwen’s left arm wrapped across his torso and her head nestled atop of his chest. The familiar hiss of dueling CPAP machines is the onlyContinue reading “Novel: Disturbance In The Force: Chapter 7 – A New Day”

Farming Is Hazardous…But This?!

Farming has always been known as one of the most dangerous careers. According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) farming is the 8th most deadly occupation in the USA by total deaths. The National Safety Council shows farming as second in the nation in deaths per worker employed in the trade. The vast majorityContinue reading “Farming Is Hazardous…But This?!”

What’s In Your Bucket?

As we plow deeper into Operation Green Thumb, the unorthodox but YouTube successful technique of growing potatoes in 5 gallon buckets is next on our list of adventures. Several weeks ago a bag of Yukon Gold and a bag of Russian Banana Fingerling seed potatoes were purchased from a local home improvement store. The seedsContinue reading “What’s In Your Bucket?”

Battle Hardened

Hardening off the seedling plants. We are learning so many new terms. I should write a blog just on all of the new words, phrases and terms we’ve learned during the process of becoming gardeners…but that’s for another day… The process of hardening prepares our indoor planted seedlings to slowly adjust to the great butContinue reading “Battle Hardened”

Public Speaking Over Death

A quick follow up to Death Over Public Speaking. Corporate HR supplied us with the structure and tools to catch our hourly employees up on training that could not be performed due to COVID19 restrictions in 2020. My boss took me up on my enthusiasm to lead my crews through the training. Because we areContinue reading “Public Speaking Over Death”

Reflecting Operation Green Thumb

Operation green thumb plows forward and we continue to try techniques gleaned from YouTube videos. We learn as we go. This picture shows several things. One are the three levels of shelving that hold our seedling trays and planters. Another is the presence of one grow lamp per level. This has not changed since startingContinue reading “Reflecting Operation Green Thumb”