Gardening: Silly Sally Acid

As a one time lab rat. A fellow lab rat and friend of mine at the 3M Factory in Valley, Nebraska used to call aspirin Silly Sally Acid. The main ingredient of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid…pronounced uh·see·tuhl·sa·luh·si·luhk. Say that 3 times fast. I’m digressing early, I know… Any who. Nightshade plants like tomato and potatoContinue reading “Gardening: Silly Sally Acid”

Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling

Our bucket potatoes are beginning to green up. The Yukon Gold will be peaking up above the 5 gallon buckets soon. This weekend was time for ‘hilling’ them. One more term to add to our end of the season dictionary. Hilling is the act of piling soil up around the vines as they grow. SomeContinue reading “Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling”

Gardening: Anticipation, Now We Wait

Carly Simon said it best: “We can never know about the days to comeBut we think about them anyway…Or just chasin’ after some finer day Anticipation, anticipationIs makin’ me lateIs keepin’ me waitin’” Well, Carly was talking about some guy she met, but if she were a gardener I’m sure she’d agree that these lyricsContinue reading “Gardening: Anticipation, Now We Wait”

The Show (Skiing) Must Go On

As I type, the Beaverland MustSki water ski show team is on the water kicking off their first water practice of the 2021 season at Tahoe Park in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Tonight’s practice will not look like the picture above. It will look more like the two pictures below; cold, layered and safely smaller. ShowContinue reading “The Show (Skiing) Must Go On”

Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe

We live in Planting Zone 5. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac the last frost of the winter/spring should be around May 5 and the first frost of fall/winter should be around October 1. We have an outdoor growing season of 148 days. 148 days. A little over 40% of the year can be devotedContinue reading “Gardening: Last Frost Date…Maybe”

Human Interest: Every Day Is Mother’s Day

My mom has not received as many words in Ron’s Ramblings as dad has over the years. That’s about to change. The picture above is our gift to mom in lieu of making the 500 mile trek to her home. That is a plant called a Kalanchoe. What is a Kalanchoe? Great question. The kalanchoeContinue reading “Human Interest: Every Day Is Mother’s Day”

Gardening: Bucket Potato Sprouts

For those keeping score. There is news to report on the potatoes we planted in 5 gallon buckets. Our earlier post “What’s In Your Bucket” walked through the process from purchasing seed potatoes, chitting and planting in the buckets. According to the Cornell University College of Agriculture it should be 2 to 4 weeks beforeContinue reading “Gardening: Bucket Potato Sprouts”

Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 8 “Circling Back”

Chapter 8 – Circling Back Francis has stopped just outside of town to map out a route to her aunt’s home in Wisconsin. It occurs to her that Kay doesn’t know that she’s getting a surprise visitor, but first things first. She finds a yellow and blue highlighter in the center console of the truckContinue reading “Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 8 “Circling Back””

Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes

Sunday we put in most all of the seeds and seedlings that will go into beds. Monday the area got its first significant rain in weeks. Rain is usually a good thing, but last night it was a down pour around 6:00 pm. It dropped .4″ in about 30 minutes. We worried that our newContinue reading “Gardening: First to Bed, First to Rise – Radishes”

Gardening: The Beds Are Made

Project Green Thumb was active and in full force Sunday morning and afternoon. The morning was spent mapping out what seed and seedlings are ready to go in and where would be the best location for each. We have three each 5′ by 3′ beds. Like any good newbie, we have planned for way moreContinue reading “Gardening: The Beds Are Made”