Death Over Public Speaking

Our plant manager, during a meeting to discuss the statewide tornado warning drills, took the opportunity to inform his Manufacturing Supervisors that they would begin personally training their direct reports on subjects that we have all been taking via web based training. Subjects like Sexual Harassment, Codes of Conduct, Information Security, and etc. Hourly employeesContinue reading “Death Over Public Speaking”

Thriving With A Traveling Love

For decades my work put me on the road. Whether it be for a HQ meeting, training, continuing education, vendor visits or customer visits. Having a suit case nearby was a must. Since being downsized in 2015…that’s a PC way to say that my employment was terminated…business travel has not been needed for my currentContinue reading “Thriving With A Traveling Love”

Transparent Culture

The gardening saga continues. While relocating cabbage and cauliflower from biodegradable containers (that were disintegrating prematurely) to red solo cups we noticed that the roots of a few plants had grown through the containers and into the diffusion watering mat. It was time for all plants to be transferred to larger containers. I started withContinue reading “Transparent Culture”

A Month of Fasting

Ramadan 2021 begins tonight at sundown and ends May 11 at sundown. My youngest, Ri attended a college prep boarding school in our town, Wayland Academy, that recruits and enrolls kids from all over the world. Some from the far east, mainly China. However, there were kids from Muslim countries as well. She became closeContinue reading “A Month of Fasting”

There’s Something Funny at the Fine Arts Center!

Something Funny at the BDACT Fine Arts Center!Saturday May 1, 2021 – 7:30 pm Mark your calendars! 3 Professional Comedians! Dana Ehrmann Dana first tried stand-up as a college student, and has been self-deprecating and discussing sort-of-but-not-quite-adulthood on stage ever since. Based in Milwaukee, she has performed at the Milwaukee, Floodwater and Great Spirit ComedyContinue reading “There’s Something Funny at the Fine Arts Center!”

Thinning Out The Herd

Becoming a gardener has surely been a work in progress. The goal is to learn as we go, or to borrow an industry acronym; OJT “On the job training.” Our latest learning opportunity? Thinning out the seedlings. Planting 2 or 3 seeds per planter is recommended when starting seeds. As uncertain newbies, we put 3Continue reading “Thinning Out The Herd”

Happy National Beer Day!

One of my go to jokes is: “Duct tape separates us from uncivilized cultures.” If that is true then I think that beer transcends cultures. Not that I’m an expert on the culture of high society, but the brew houses that we support are visited by people of many cultural backgrounds and societal status…if youContinue reading “Happy National Beer Day!”

A Small But Mighty Wind

Leggy Seedlings Almost every YouTube video we watched warned of them and instructed how they could be avoided. We thought we followed the experts instructions…but alas and alack…there they were… What is a leggy seedling you ask? I had to ask too and didn’t really know until weak, long saggy, yellow seedlings appeared in ourContinue reading “A Small But Mighty Wind”

Disturbance In The Force: Chapter Six – The Epicenter

Chapter 6 – The Epicenter Francis Hart’s eyes widened with excited anticipation when the familiar tug of a fish nibbled on her minnow. The bobber near the end of her line began submerging spastically. Temperatures are forecast to be unseasonably warm on this early September day. The weather service was correct as the noon sunContinue reading “Disturbance In The Force: Chapter Six – The Epicenter”