Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes

Operation Green Thumb sees it’s first significant harvest. Radishes were the first seeds sown in any bed, they were the first to germinate in the beds and now they are the first to be harvested. Soon we will be able to cut lettuce and spinach. In a month or so, pull some yummy 4″ sweetContinue reading “Gardening: First To Bed, First To Rise, First Out of Bed – Radishes”

Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens

Operation Green Thumb continues with trellising our plants. The vining plants in beds A and B like beans, peas, zucchini and cucumbers are trellised with the first pictures shown. The extension is an R Dub original. The jury is still out… wish us luck. Tomatoes in bed C are trellised with a structure made ofContinue reading “Gardening: Out of the Box Trellis Ideas For In The Box Gardens”

Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 9 “A Brief Respite”

Chapter 9 – A Brief Respite Kay Long puts her Bloody Mary down on the breakfast bar in her kitchen and wanders to the guest bedroom to make sure it is ready for Francis’ visit. Visit. Somehow, she does not think that Francis’ arrival will be the typical definition of a visit. Francis answered theContinue reading “Novel: Disturbance In The Force – Chapter 9 “A Brief Respite””

Huntington’s Disease: Family Is Everything

Beth approached me a few months back asking if I would join her in a 5K Run/Walk fund raiser that her father Allen’s family was organizing in late May. The response? Absolutely! She then filled out the forms and sent in entries for the two of us and her parents. Chris Guzikowski, the son-in-law ofContinue reading “Huntington’s Disease: Family Is Everything”

The Last of Last Man Standing

Mike Baxter, the main character of Last Man Standing, has many characteristics. Some good, some bad. He’s no nonsense, he has a very high opinion of self, he is sarcastic, he’s a viral celebrity, he’s a mentor, he’s generous with his time and talents, he’s impatient, he’s openly intolerant while covertly tolerant, he’s a marketingContinue reading “The Last of Last Man Standing”

Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?

We have featured three raised 5′ x 3′ garden beds on several gardening blog entries. A significant amount of money, time, planning, and effort have been invested in these beds. We are quite happy with them and intend for the investment to be utilized for many years forward. So far so good. They look great.Continue reading “Gardening: Redneck or Avant Garde(ner)?”

Backyard Living: Zap! Gotcha!

Ever spent an evening mesmerized by the backyard bug zapper? Me neither…JK! We lovingly call them Bug Zappers because electrical discharge insect control system is too difficult to remember and it has little marketing appeal. I remember the first one that my dad bought. I’m guessing that I was in late grade school or JuniorContinue reading “Backyard Living: Zap! Gotcha!”

Gardening: Silly Sally Acid

As a one time lab rat. A fellow lab rat and friend of mine at the 3M Factory in Valley, Nebraska used to call aspirin Silly Sally Acid. The main ingredient of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid…pronounced uh·see·tuhl·sa·luh·si·luhk. Say that 3 times fast. I’m digressing early, I know… Any who. Nightshade plants like tomato and potatoContinue reading “Gardening: Silly Sally Acid”

Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling

Our bucket potatoes are beginning to green up. The Yukon Gold will be peaking up above the 5 gallon buckets soon. This weekend was time for ‘hilling’ them. One more term to add to our end of the season dictionary. Hilling is the act of piling soil up around the vines as they grow. SomeContinue reading “Gardening: The Coverup, Potato Hilling”