Daily Prompt – Cold Weather Feelings

Daily writing prompt
How do you feel about cold weather?
What do we think of cold weather? This heart shaped snow clearing and Beth’s smile should answer the question.

How do we feel about cold weather? We have chosen to live in the upper Midwest, so we like it…most of the time. Most of the time we like it, sometimes we love it, sometimes not so much.

We must admit there is something special about the first big snow storm each year. Playing in it of course, whether it be skiing or skating (which we have not done in too long of a time) or driving around in a snow storm at night to watch it fall through the street lights or just sitting in our home watching it pile up. Snow is pretty, pardon the pun, cool. Without cold weather, no snow.

One of our favorite weekend adventures was to hike through the Door County parks in February to see the beautiful ice formations that the crashing waves make on the rocky shores of Lake Michigan.

When do we not like cold weather? When it should be warm. Like in spring when we want to start planting flowers and other plants outside, but have to wait until Memorial Day weekend when all frost is not probable.

So, we like cold weather and the fun and beauty that it brings to our locale.

This trip to Door County in February to hike along the cliffs of Lake Michigan was a GREAT time.
Beth makes the cold look good!
The mail box and USPS carrier may not be as fond of the cold as we are.
This is March 25, 2023. This is when we do NOT like cold!
Ice castles at the WI Dells. Artificial ice art, but fun and pretty. The Ice is too.
R Dub does not make the ice look nearly as good as Beth…

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