Daily Prompt – Community Involvement

Daily writing prompt
What do you do to be involved in the community?
The words community and involvement are both relative terms. In this photo we are involved with the larger community helping to raise money and awareness for Huntington’s Disease, but we are frequently involved with the smaller community which is our neighborhood and our town.

What do we do to be involved with the community? What do we not do? There are many things both big and small. I’m sure others answering this daily prompt go bigger, others smaller. Most somewhere between.

How do we define community? Is it the globe? Is it our neighborhood?

What is involvement? Organizing to and acting to save the planet, or organizing and acting to help out our next door neighbor? Or both and everything between.

Last night we went to the local farmers market and bought some plants to take home. We also went to a friends home for game night. Tonight we will go to the local park to help the local water-ski team get their season rolling.

R Dub announcing for the community water-ski show team.

We give monies to charitable groups we give of our time to many as well. We can be seen at most community events like the Beaver Dam Pepperfest, Taste of Wisconsin, Lake Days, the County Fair, several community theaters in the area and other live events.

R Dub mugging for a photo after placing 2nd in the chili cook off with BD Pepperfest organizer Diana Ogle and the winner.
Beth at a community yard sale with her friend Elmo.
Beth holding up a copy of The Midwest Survival Guide at a fund raiser for Dana Ehrman’s mom. This book signed by the author Charlie Berens was donated to a different fund raiser for Wayland Academy later that month!
Can’t tell by this photo, but we attended a sold out show fund raiser for CarolAid at Comedy Sportz in Milwaukee. This table is immediately below the mic that each comedian used that evening. Uecker would be proud.

However, the community we love best is within our inner circle and neighborhood. Whether it be looking in on our next door neighbor when she is in need or when her out of town kids are wondering about her, or hosting game night with our friends on Tuesday nights. It is community that binds us together.

Association is important. Make and keep good friends. No matter how community is defined.

Game night Tuesday at Tina’s place. We are hosting next Tuesday!
Beth running lights for a show in the tech booth at the theater!

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