Daily Prompt – Favorite Brands & Why? None Thanks! Options Please?

Daily writing prompt
What are your favorite brands and why?
R Dub has never been too loyal to brands. Individual products within a brand perhaps, but not the brand.

Brand loyalty. I try not to have a favorite brand or an avoided brand. I’m more fond of asking what are my options regardless of brand and make decisions based upon situational needs.

This topic has been in the news and a hot topic on social media lately. For the first time that I can recall, brand loyalty has devolved into an effective brand ban. Will the ban last? Who knows, but wow what a fall of branding for our friends in St. Louis.

Product bans rarely work. So this one surprises me. Are we banning the brand? We didn’t buy it prior and Beth considers all domestic brews to be poison to our body, so it does not effect us in any way.

Have I ever banned a brand. No, but I have had personal bans against individual businesses based upon customer service issues. For example, I had a very bad experience at the McD’s in Waupun, WI. This ban (really a grudge on my part) has been in play for over 10 years. Did it hurt them? Hardly, they continue to have long lines in the drive through and I’m sure are doing quite well without R Dub’s money.

What happened? Back in my B2B sales days on my way toward the Fox River Valley to work I was hungry and in a hurry. The drive through was backed up so I went inside where there were fewer customers at the counter. I placed my order, a value breakfast meal with a large soda. Normally the soda cup is handed over immediately after taking the money, but this time no cup was handed over, and they put my order in and turned away. So in an effort to save time while waiting for my order…I reached over the counter, grabbed a large cup and headed for the soda station. At that point the manager on duty yelled at me and threatened to call the ‘cops’ on me.

I showed her my receipt with the large soda paid for yet she continued to berate me for ‘stealing’ a cup. I told her to go ahead and make the call while filling the cup. She continued to yell at me while I stood and waited for my sack of breakfast burritos and hash browns to be handed to me.

Later that night I got online to make a formal complaint to the McD HQ, and soon received a call from the owner. He asked how they could make it up to me. I suggested firing the manager or make sure she was never customer facing again. Later I received a call from a friend’s wife who worked for that franchise. She told me the manager in question was the owner’s kid and she treats most customers with disdain.

That’s when I started my personal ban at this store and all of the stores that they own. Did I ban all McD’s? Again, Beth considers McDs food to be poison for our bodies so we do not go to any very often, but I do still go to other McD’s around this great country. Let’s face it their Coke blend and fries are pretty darned tasty, and I still like the breakfast burrito.

Brand loyalty has always taken a back seat to options and frugality. At one time, when it came to cars I tended to lean toward Ford because economical number crunching lead me to that brand. More car for the buck. My last car? Mazda for the same reason.

To repeat and to put a bow on this topic. I try not to have a favorite brand or an avoided brand. I’m more fond of asking what are my options regardless of brand and make decisions based upon situational needs.


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