Daily Prompt – The Easiest Exercise: Voting

Perhaps the easiest form of exercise is exercising your right to vote.

Do you vote in political elections?

I’ve voted in every general and primary election since the day I turned 18.

Over the years the act has become more and more easy to exercise. Primarily after the pandemic waned.

As they say, and they do say it…whoever they are…

If you don’t vote you’ve got no reason to complain about our government. Well, who needs that? So exercise your right to vote so you can exercise your right to complain!

That’s a joke if you could not catch the attempted sarcasm.

Vote, it does matter. Thankfully more people have been engaged in the act the last few election cycles.


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Conversational BLOG writer and contributing writer for LocaLeben magazine. My BLOG entries represent observations that intrigue, amuse, inspire or stimulate my appetite.

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