Daily Writing Prompt – …and I Quote!

Daily writing prompt
Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?
R Dubs favorite quotes as listed on his FaceBook profile. The third one is the quote I tend to live by and ‘quote’ the most often.

The quote I tend to live my life by is “Ask forgiveness, not permission.” Even though the application of this quote drives those who think they have authority over me crazy. But, I do get things done thanks to this simple and exasperating phrase.

We are surrounded by more people that will supply many reasons why something should not are can not be done than someone who will say; “Go for it, let’s see what happens.” R Dub has reported to several managers who were afflicted by Paralysis by Analysis. So, I just go for it and prepare to apologize after the fact.

How has that worked? So far, so good.

The quote is credited to multiple sources. Most recently in 1982 by US Naval Rear Admiral and computer science pioneer Grace Hopper. Writer Agnes Strickland used the phrase in her 1846 ninth volume of “Lives of the Queens of England”. The quote was meant as marriage advice to the duchess of Modena.

However, the furthest back in history for this phrase is from St. Benedict somewhere around 500 AD!


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