Daily Prompt – Our Favorite Holiday & Why: Can’t Choose Just One!

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?
If you thought it would be Christmas, you’re close. The pressure of all those gifts makes ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ a close second to Thanksgiving.

I read ahead a few days ago to today’s writing prompt. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Mine? Like camping, it has changed over the years. As a kid, I love the holiday’s that rewarded you for just being there. Christmas, of course, with the arrival of Santa’s gift followed by all of the others received from mom, dad and everyone else. Easter and Halloween because of all that candy! Then there was Independence Day with a couple of weeks of shooting off fireworks and the big 4th of July firework shows!

Today? Hard to pick just one. My favorite holidays have at least one paid day off from work, the gathering of people I love or have a great deal of fun with or both, involve great food, and do not require the receiving or giving of gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas because of the spirit of giving, mainly charitable. The gathering of family and close friends, a month of awesome festivities and entertainment, the music, and of course the great food. Beth and I have made it a point to give each other VERY small, but thoughtful gifts the entire month leading up to Christmas. It’s been a thing and ranks in the top 3 for sure.

While not an official holiday, our birthday’s rank right up there too. When we met, Beth was not fond of her birthday or Christmas because she felt alone during those times. I made it my mission to make these times memorable and rewarding. We’ve blogged our 12 Unconventional Days of Christmas in past years. Beth and I, mostly Beth, have made sure that we travel and vacation between our June birthday time frame. There are 10 days from my birthday to hers. We’ve had some great travel together during those dates.

While not officially a holiday, our birthday vacations each year in June rank high on our list of favorites. This was bucket list birthday vacation on the Amtrak Empire Builder from Seattle to Milwaukee in June 2022.
Birthday vacation 2021. Yellowstone with several family members. Birthdays that trip? R Dub, Beth and Ri.

I’m giving the nod to Thanksgiving. Autumn is my favorite time of year here in the great Midwest. Comfort foods like turkey, taters, stuffing, carrots, beans, corn, pecan pie, great wine fill the air with great aromas…and the taste! People gather to give thanks and just be near and dear. Football! …and oh yes, not one gift exchange.

2022 Spatchcock Turkey, yes I spelled that correctly! Dry rubbed ala Sam The Cooking Guy! Delicious and juicy.

Honorable mention. Halloween. Dressing up the house both inside and out. Still in autumn. Giving candy to the kids both big and small. Yes, teens are welcome to raid our candy dish.

Gemstone lighting thanks to Sunsation Electric makes holiday mood lighting easy via the phone App.

Holidays have taken a beating by the ‘enlightened’ the last few years. We do not care. We do not care about the origins; we care about the people we gather together for them and the festivities.

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are just around the corner. Let’s celebrate!


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