Daily Prompt – Feeling Productive? Results vs Feeling

Daily writing prompt
When do you feel most productive?
When do I feel most productive? While public speaking. It may not be my most productive time, but the question is of feeling, not of being.
I feel productive while performing, but am I?
I”m at my most productive in the kitchen.
I’m pretty productive when in the growing mode
I was productive as clergy for two weddings!

Today’s writing prompt. When do you feel most productive?

Feeling productive and being productive could be mutually exclusive…

To be honest, I feel at my most productive when creating in the kitchen. Frequently I am productive at work, but it is a productivity that does not have immediate feedback. Cooking a good meal has immediate rewards to me and the consumers.

Public speaking, performing in a theatrical production, being part of a water ski show team are all forms of productivity that may or may not be frivolous, but productive all the same.

Growing our own produce even to a VERY small scale is productive.

There are no photos generated, but writing feels productive to me. Whether it be these posts, or a social media comment, or a chapter in a novel or a 2 minute land act bit for the water ski team. I feel productive. Even if it does not produce a greater good.

Feeling versus being. Hard to measure at this level. I let others judge and feedback.


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