Daily Prompt – Regret Free Risks

Daily writing prompt
Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”
– Frederick Wilcox

Granted, I’ve never taken big risks. At least I do not think so… But there have been risks and if I’ve regretted any, it was a fleeting feeling. Like yesterday’s post, taking too much time to lament any decision or lack there of is not productive.

Of course, the best type of risk is the one that pays off.

Mine? Leaving the comfort and security of an easy lower level management job at the 3M factory in Valley, NE for the difficult and hardly secure position of Business to Business sales professional of the products manufactured by 3M.

My father worried openly that I would fail in sales and end up broke. He may have quietly worried that I would not only end up broke, but at his doorstep with my family of 4!

His worry was not warranted. My income rose dramatically over the course of the next few years. Yes, the risk was relatively low, this risk has turned into a lifetime of extremely comfortable income and a rewarding lifestyle has resulted. I’ve seen and done many things that would not have been possible without a solid income.

This has hardly been my only regret free risk in 60 plus years of life, however, this was by far the risk that has had the best payoff.


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