Exercise – What’s The Most Fun Way?: Water Skiing!

Daily writing prompt
What’s the most fun way to exercise?

Water Ski Show Skiing – Not a traditional exercise for sure and not an all year activity unfortunately. But it sure is fun and R Dub’s preferred way to get in shape.
This triple 4 Tier human pyramid is the biggest pyramid that the Beaverland Must-skis ever skied before the home crowd. Which one is R Dub? Ninth skier from the left, or 12th skier from the right!

The question of the day; What is the most fun way to exercise? That question will have almost as many answers as people answer it. For some…the is no fun way. For many, it will be something that is not really considered exercise, it is a fun activity. Activities like hiking, biking, tennis, softball, yoga and for R Dub; water-skiing.

Granted, here in the great state of Wisconsin we are limited to month when the lakes and rivers are not frozen, but it still my preferred method of exercise.

Why? Well it is fun and it builds muscle and if you hang on to the handle long enough it is an aerobic exercise. Beth prefers yoga, R Dub pretends to enjoy it for her sake!


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