COVID19 – Societal Changes: Have We Adjusted?

One big change post COVID19. Less meals out, more meals in.
The cost of everything skyrocketed, the availability plummeted. Especially fresh foods and herbs. So, we are now growing them ourselves.
Two changes that we find beneficial are growing our own leafy greens and herbs. We were saddened last fall when frost finally killed off our lettuce and most herbs. The taste is superior to store bought and the convenience of cutting them in your own yard is great!
Growing sprouts and micro greens inside is super easy, tasty and a great addition to salads, soups and many entrees.

The question is; what adjustments have you made due to COVID19? The first thought was, none…but that’s not true. Service levels at stores, specifically dining establishments has been awful. Prices for everything are through the roof. Stores have less options and sometimes limited supply.

The result? We try not to reward bad service with our hard earned money and precious time. We try to more self sufficient where it makes sense.

Growing our own veggies and herbs has become a practical hobby. Cooking our own food has become an enjoyable hobby. We often ask ourselves during a great home cooked meal…Why do we bother to ever go out to eat? We are better cooks than most of the places we have easy access to.


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