People – Unique Up On Them

Daily writing prompt
Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Have you ever wondered what makes a person unique. Most of us know it when we see it, but how do we define a unique individual?

Technically, every individual is unique in some way, or we would not be referred to as an ‘individual’. The dictionary definition of individual is a single human being as distinct from a group, class, or family.

However, some people are more unique than others.

A quick search of unique personal aspects garners a large list, with a few overlapping aspects. Specifically, personality type, attitude, beliefs, habits, value systems, likes and dislikes, creativity, passion, and life experiences to name a few.

Unique physical aspects are the easiest to see, but I do not put much value in many of them. After all people are born with most of their physical aspects. Unless, of course, a person has found a way to change their physical attributes, whether it be via surgery or diet, or exercise etc.

For me the people that stand out the most are those with unique experiences or ability. Unique abilities are easier to see with the naked eye, while a person with unique a experience is someone that you must get to know before that unique aspect stands out.

Unique ability. The world class athlete or musician or singer, outstanding actor, superior intellect, the ability to personally connect with anyone, the person who is always there to help no matter who needs help, and many more.

I guess the least unique of this list is the person who is always available to help when needed. Think about charitable events and disasters in your area. There will be handful of people that are present at every one that you attend. Maybe you are one of them.

It’s that one percenter that is the most unique for me. People at the top of their game. Few or no one is better at their specific talent. They may not stay on top very long but being this unique they have few peers while getting to the top, while on top and if the talent wanes; when they come back down closer to the rest of us.

Related to but can be exclusive is the aspect of a unique experience. Uniquely gifted people will have unique experiences while performing their talents like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, World Series, etc. However, many unique experiences are thrust upon people. They won the lottery, were abducted by aliens (or anyone for that matter), struck by lightning, escaped a brutal regime, talked to God, dramatically saved the life of another person, etc.

I love characters, and people who have had truly unique experiences and are willing to share them are the people who stand out as my favorite characters. Whether the experience is the result of utilizing talent or by circumstance. For better or worse, they are rarely forgotten.

Embrace the uniqueness of others without feeling inferior or jealous. What I have found with the truly unique, even the extremely talented ones; they are just people and many of them will accept us mere mortals a fellow humans.


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