Gardening – How’s It Going? Pictures Say A Thousand Words

Lettuce seedlings are beautiful to watch grow. We transplanted a dozen seedlings last Sunday into the leafy green bed under a hoop house. Weather permitting, we will transplant more this weekend including spinach and direct sow some herbs.
Cabbage seedlings are coming along nicely. We will wait until late April to send them outside. The hardening off process, however, can begin on days above 50 degrees F.
Spinach is ready for transplant. Saturday should be that day!
Beaver Dam Pepper seedlings just emerging from the seed starting soil. 6 cells from the family who brought this spicy pepper to Beaver Dam over 100 years ago and 6 cells that Beth & R Dub saved from last season’s harvest. Seed started on Saturday March 18, 2023 began to germinate on Wednesday March 28. 10 days to germinate is good for hot peppers. Harvest is roughly 80 days after transplant.
Cilantro started from seed last week. We will sow more from seed in the herb bed this weekend. Beth LOVES cilantro!
The mystery bonus plants from our attempt to start some basil. The basil didn’t make it, but these four plants did. The tall one? Currant tomato. It began to bloom a week or so ago, we hand pollinated the blooms and now there are 4 tiny fruit started! The other 3 plants? We think they are Kale.
Four tiny currant tomatoes! Time for a new and bigger container!
Oh! Almost forgot the Walla Walla onions! Looking good, and looking for advice pruning them back.

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