Gardening – Come On Spring!

Lettuce started from seed on February 19, looking great on the Ides of March. From left to right: Tri Colored Romaine, Gourmet Blend Salad, Black Seeded Simpson and Loose Leaf Blend.
Walla Walla onions started from seed on January 15. Two months of growth and looking good. They go into the outdoor beds 12 weeks after seed germination. Roughly the first or second week of April.
Spinach started from seed January 29. Not as pretty as the lettuce, and will not be as prolific as the lettuce, but what a powerful nutritional punch they will add to our salads and soups!
Cabbage started from seed on March 5. Only 10 days of growth, one set of real leaves. Not too shabby.
Our mystery plant. Came from a cell that was supposed to have basil in started from seed on January 12th. Our best guess? Currant tomato, note that it has blossomed. We should have fruit in a couple of weeks. Keeping this one under a grow light 16 yours per day.

Indoor gardening. We have a few seed starts. Onions were first in mid January for transplanting outside in early April. Spinach next which will go into a hoop house in early to mid April. Four types of lettuce that will be scattered into several beds when they all thaw out. (Or unthaw as the locals in Wisconsin like to say.) Cabbage that will go out in late April or early May.

Oh yes, the bonus mystery plant. Our guess of tomato seems to be true. It has blossomed a few flowers. Tomatoes are not cold resistant, so it will stay inside under a grow light until June. Hopefully it will fruit by then. We are looking forward to that!

What’s next? Good question. Weekend after St. Patty’s Day we will begin Beaver Dam Peppers from seed and start to think about chitting some potatoes.

No we didn’t misspell a profanity, the word is chit. But that’s a post for another day!


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