Travel – The Big Apple Day 5: The Met, Central Park and Mike Birbiglia

Flaming June by Frederic, Lord Leighton, 1895: On display at The Met until February of 2024. Leighton’s tired and sleeping model was resting nude when he was inspired to paint her flushed by the sun skin and add sheer orange draperies to cover her up.
R Dub pauses for a moment prior to entering The Met to take a selfie with travel companion Scott on the steps. We were in the Met all of Friday morning and enjoyed a food truck lunch street side with the pigeons.

Day 5, our final day in NYC. The day begins with a bus ride uptown to The Met. Lunch from a food truck on the steps of The Met with the pigeons, a stroll through Central Park, an evening of stand up comedy with Mike Birbiglia at the Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center and finally a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park before turning in for the evening.

Greek section. Artifacts dating back to 2300 BC…that’s more that 4300 years ago.
Egyptian temple reconstructed.
van Gogh, Irises
van Gogh, Peasant Woman Cooking by a Fireplace
Monet, Water Lilies
Tudors Exhibit Entrance
Upper Manhattan skyline from the Frog Pond at Central Park.
Romeo and Juliet statue in front of The Delacorte Theater is an open-air theater that serves as the venue for the Public’s free, summertime productions of Shakespeare in the Park.
The set for Mike Birbiglia’s “The Old Man and the Pool” . No, Mike is NOT the old man in the pool, but this man triggers a hilarious set of stand up comedy.
Mr. Animated. Mike Birbiglia demonstrating how a visit to the Dr. can result in call back after call back. Story telling yes, autobiographical yes, exposing his own fears, experiences and weaving them into hilarity. Brilliant and fun. He’s come a long way in honing his craft since the his days as a regular guest on the Bob and Tom syndicated radio show out of Indy.
Photo taken by our ‘taxi’ driver in this Central Park carriage from left to right: R Dub, Beth, Kari and Scott. A fitting end to a fabulous week in The Big Apple. We are so glad the Eberle’s suggested it and invited us to join them. NYC! A great town and we will be back.

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