Gardening – Let 2023 Begin: Seedlings & Micro Greens!

Pea Shoot Micro Greens. Growing micro greens all winter helped to keep our green thumbs exercised.
Walla Walla onion and Red onion seedlings have emerged. Let the 2023 gardening begin!

Gardening in January! Crazy perhaps. But the grow lights will keep these onions growing strong until they can go into a garden bed this April.

Why start onions in January? The seedlings need to be 10 to 12 weeks old before putting them out in April. These seedlings were started on 1/16. Twelve weeks is April 3rd.

Timing with onion is important. We put them in too late last year and WAY too late in 2021.

Onion is one of the plants we have struggled to succeed growing. We love onion, and are committed to getting this one right.

Wish us luck.

We have been growing micro greens in the grow room all winter. Mostly mung beans and pea shoots. They make a great and healthy addition to our salad greens.

February we will begin leafy green seedlings. Specifically spinach and lettuce. These are cold loving plants. Giving them a head start for spring will keep us in leafy greens longer before the warmth of summer makes them bolt and bitter.

This oregano plant has really prospered indoors. It has been pruned and harvest many times over the winter for fresh oregano and dried oregano needs!
We didn’t pull our basil inside before the first killer frost. Basil does not do well under 50 degrees. Time to start over!
This Rosemary plant has been inside for over 2 years and is nearing the end of its life cycle. We will transfer it outdoors in May and hope for the best. Rosemary is a difficult plant to start from seed, with luck we will get some healthy cuttings to start a new plant…or take our chances with seeds…
Mung beans, day 4. We will ‘harvest’ them on day 5. They will be a delicious and nutritious addition to our salad greens next week!

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