Travel – The Big Apple: Day 4A Food!

Gelato at the end of our tour. Choices, choice…

Day four, Thursday. We are past the half way point. Plenty has been seen and there is plenty more to see. We are breaking day 4 up into 3 posts; walking food tour, the 9/11 Memorial, and The Music Man.

Beth was really looking forward to Thursday night’s performance of “The Music Man”. Not because of Hugh Jackman, but because of her favorite triple threat, Sutton Foster is playing the lead opposite Hugh. But I digress…there were many things to do, see and eat before the 7:00 pm show. First stop Chinatown for a walking food tour.

Our day started with a Lyft ride to Chinatown for a walking tour of Chinatown and Little Italy. The 3 hour tour would provide 10 tastings from 8 locations plus history of not only the businesses providing the food but also the history of the neighborhoods. It began in Chinatown and work its way to Little Italy. We enjoy many styles of food, Chinese and Italian being two of our favorites. This was right up our alley.

The menu for a 3 hour food tour.

Stop number one and meeting place for the twelve or so ‘tourists’ was for green tea and pork pastry.

Green tea with a pork pastry at our meeting spot in Chinatown.

Next up; dumplings.

Dumplings; one of R Dubs faves!

Final taste in Chinatown; sponge cake. What makes them green? Mung bean.

Mung bean sponge cake. I only ate a bite or two. Two reasons; the taste was hard to find and I wanted to save room for our final stops in Little Italy.

Next up; over to Little Italy. Our favorite stops on the tour. Flavors popped and the food was more aesthetically pleasing too. First stop; fresh gnocchi with marinara. Perhaps our favorite on the tour.

Our tour guide serving up samplings of gnocchi. Probably our favorite flavors of the day.
We didn’t taste the ravioli, but the gnocchi with marinara was first rate!

Next up; olives and cheese.

R Dub displaying his olives and cheese for Beth.
Olives and cheese. The first of two stops were we eat our samplers on the sidewalk outside of the business. R Dub and Beth are not big olive fans, but this may have changed our minds. Hardly a bottled grocery store olive! Very tasty.
Egg plant parmigiana with some Chianti. A close second to the gnocchi and marinara. However, this may not have been a fair review. By now we are getting pretty full. One more stop for a Cannoli, which was good, but the cart pictured first with 20 flavors of gelato looked MUCh better. Alas there was no room for both. Always leaving them wanting more, right? We didn’t take any photos of the cannoli, the gelato was speaking too loudly to us!

Would we do this again, if ever in NYC again? Probably not, but we wanted to go to this part of town. The tour was good and we do recommend it, but now we have a feel for the food. We will most likely return to Little Italy, the smells were inviting.

Next up…the 9/11 Museum at the World Trade Center…but that’s for another post.


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